Paula and Todd Jordan toasting their 16th anniversary in 2019

Loveland, Ohio – The “GoFundMe” page to help this Tiger family begins:

“Hello Loveland family and friends, we have a Tiger family in need after the heartbreaking passing of Todd Jordon.”

It continues…

Beloved husband, father, son, uncle, friend, neighbor, and life-long resident of our beautiful Loveland, unfortunately, and shockingly passed away on January 20th, 2022. He was 52.

A little bit about Todd, he was a devoted family man. He was a great husband to his wife Paula, who he loved dearly. He unconditionally loved and was ridiculously proud of his two kiddos, Isabella and Sebastian. He was devoted to his father, Ron Jordan, and checked on him daily. He was especially attentive after the loss of his mother he adored, Beth Jordan, a few years ago. He was an attentive and caring Uncle to many nieces and nephews. And he was true to his friends. He was a sincere, kind-hearted man. When he asked how you were doing, he genuinely listened and cared about your response. And he gave the best hugs. He was quirky, fun, sometimes slightly ridiculous, and most definitely stubborn. He dreamed of Montana often as he loved the beauty of the state. And he had planned on taking his daughter, Isabella, there soon to get her situated with a summer job. 

After a picture-perfect family Christmas, Todd fell ill. The whole family did. Victims of this awful pandemic time. But while everyone else got better, Todd got worse and worse. Todd had bladder cancer last year which made his fight with Covid a difficult one. After being hospitalized he, sadly, succumbed to his illness in the early evening of January 20 with family by his side. He passed peacefully. 

Todd had been laid off from his job due to Covid and downsizing of his department a couple of months before the Holidays putting a strain on the family’s finances which makes this even more difficult. He had no life or health insurance. His wife Paula, unfortunately, has been in a series of accidents that limits her ability to work consistently.

Any help that can be provided to assist the family with celebrating his life and helping with the financial difficulties of losing a husband and father will be greatly appreciated.

Read more about Todd and his surviving family at GoFundMe.

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