Ezz’s previously unreported friendship with Muhammad Ali

What’s it like having Muhammad Ali hang out at your apartment? Ezzard Charles II talks about it on Episode 5 of Total Fighter.
Ricky Mulvey is a former sportswriter and talking head at Loveland Magazine

Do you like history/boxing/Cincinnati/really good stories? If so—or even if not! — listen to Ricky Mulvey’s newly completed five-part podcast Total Fighter about the greatest light heavyweight fighter of all time – the Cincinnati Cobra, Ezzard Charles!

You will enjoy the fast pace and excitement of Mulvey’s storytelling in this remarkable series about an important era in Cincinnati sports history.
A limited Podcast series about Ezzard Charles, Cincinnati’s heavyweight champion.
Total Fighter, is a narrative, nonfiction podcast about Ezzard Charles, Cincinnati’s heavyweight champion, and hosted by Loveland native Ricky Mulvey.
The premier episode, “More Than a Gym Fighter” was a deep-dive into a very different Cincinnati. Go to a bustling Findlay Market in the 1940s, in between the pool tables and cigar smoke at the American Legion Hall in Newport, Kentucky for Charles’ first boxing match, and a Battle Royale in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
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Episode 5 and the season finale of Total Fighter is a deep dive into Ezz’s life after the heavyweight championship: from his series against Rocky Marciano to working at the DMV. Mulvey also explores his previously unreported friendship with Muhammad Ali.

This podcast shines a new light on the underrated Cincinnati Cobra; the greatest light-heavyweight of all time. The series will ultimately follow Charles to his match against Joe Louis, and the characters who followed him– his family and the mafia.

“The fifth episode of a five part series. Ezzard Charles learns that life as the heavyweight champ isn’t the dream he thought that it would be. This show covers Charles’ series against Rocky Marciano, and his friendship with Muhammad Ali. We also discuss the reasons why Cincinnati rejected its greatest fighter and how you make a living as an ex-heavyweight champion.”

Total Fighter features interviews and stories from Buddy LaRosa, founder of LaRosa’s Pizza, William Dettloff, author of “Ezzard Charles: a Boxing Life,” Frank Wettencamp, one of Ezz’s high school classmates, and more.

This show explores his complex character; why the name “Ezzard Charles” became an insult by Frank Sinatra and an inspiration to the composer George Russell.


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Part 5: Falling after Rocky Marciano

From fighting in Yankee Stadium to working at the DMV

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Part 4: Facing Joe Louis

Part 4 of a 5 part series about Ezzard Charles

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Part 3: The Man in Front of Me

Ezzard Charles at the Cincinnati Gardens

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Part 2: Cobra Strike

Part 2 of a 5 part series about Ezzard Charles

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Part 1: More Than a Gym Fighter

The rise of Ezzard Charles, from the son of a sharecropper to a top light-heavyweight contender.