For more info about this project of the Loveland Primary School teachers to build their students and the community a new accessible playground visit



Growing Future Tigers Play by Play!

A playground like this encourages social interaction & imaginative play

Top Five Reasons to Make a Gift to the Primary Playground Project:

5. Your gift will help make the LPS more inclusive and provide more choices for students of all physical abilities.
4. Encourage more gross motor activities such as climbing or lifting. (Research shows that the playground structure has a significant impact on children’s physical activity.)
3. Children have more self-confidence and perform better in a school with active play.
2. A welcoming place in our Loveland community for families to come and play… a place of pride!
1. Meet the modern needs of our students through play activities that engage our students in positive play and appropriate social interactions.



Loveland Magazine is a Sponsor of the Primary Playground Project


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