March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

by David Miller

Last week I published an “Open Letter to City Hall”. Within hours of publishing A proposal for directional signs to accessible parking in Historic Downtown Loveland, I received a very encouraging response.

City Manager Dave Kennedy emailed saying, he spoke to Scott Wisby, the Public Works Director early the next morning.  Kennedy said, “Public works is going to inventory all of our handicap parking signs in city parks and other public areas to make sure all of the signs are up to code and are not weathered/needing replacement. Any needing replacement or adjustment for code will be corrected.  I think this is an important first step. I will keep you updated on the progress.”

The City Manager followed up shortly in another email saying that they will also be looking to better consolidate the reserved accessible spaces in the downtown area.

Although Kennedy did not address adding directional signs to the improved and perhaps consolidated spaces, the process he began was a very welcome one and a practicable first step.

Thank you, Dave Kennedy and Scott Wisby.

A proposal for directional signs to accessible parking in Historic Downtown…

David Miller – Mar 14, 2023

David Miller is the founder and Managing Editor of Loveland Magazine.

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