EDITOR’S NOTE: The totals for the Loveland School Levy have now been updated (11-10-2022) to reflect revised counts by the BOE’s.

Loveland, OhioAround midnight we made a preliminary election report because of delays in Hamilton County vote tabulations. Not all of their precincts had yet reported.

We can now bring you this updated tally.

This update does not reflect any change to the tally we reported last night for the Loveland City School District operating levy.

We publish our results as soon as the three counties Loveland is in, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren report their “Unofficial” counts and when 100% of precinct votes have been tabulated by each county BOE.

These new results are, as of 7:38 AM Wednesday, November 9.

The state-wide, and U.S. House and Senate tabulations are from the report of the Ohio Secretary of State.

The results below are the “Unofficial” count. There are still outstanding ballots left to be counted. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by the 7th and received by the BOE’s no later than November 18. Write-in votes are not counted on election night.

The Official Count occurs between 11 and 21 days after election day.

The election must be “certified” by November 29th and this will include all election-day ballots, on-time ballots not yet counted, and all valid provisional ballots.

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