Mark Bersani thanks community for their support


LOVELAND, OHIO –¬†Loveland Canoe and Kayak owner, Mark Bersani took the podium again at a council meeting to talk about the possibility the business may close. This week however, he expressed optimism that he and city hall have reached a suitable compromise that will allow them to safely and efficiently operate their business as well have access to their home.

City Hall is developing a paved parking lot on property the Bersanis sold to the City and at the former McCoy Carry Out. At that time, Bersani was told by¬†former city Manager Thomas Carroll the business could continue using the property and city hall would only develop¬†‚Äúunstructured parking‚ÄĚ on the land.

Bersani had recently¬†been ordered to demolish or move his large storage barn and said the public parking lot ¬†would not leave him with enough room to safely and efficiently load passengers on¬†busses or canoes and kayaks on¬†trailers. Bersani told Loveland Magazine after last night’s meeting that he will now be able to move his storage barn to¬†his own property, however he had to get a variance to move it so close to the State and National Scenic Little Miami River.

Bersani had¬†asked the city hall¬†to compromise and sell him a slice of property, which has been described by City Manager Dave Kennedy as ‚Äúthe road to no-where.‚ÄĚ It is Anshultz Avenue, and essentially an abandoned piece of roadway next to his home and business. The roadway goes nowhere, but¬†used for decades as the driveway into the canoe and kayak business. Council introduced an ordinance last night to “vacate” Anshultz Avenue which would allow the business to use it, however the details of the legislation were not available last night. It will be voted on at the next council meeting.

This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is Bersani addressing council and talking about the support he received from the community after Loveland Magazine exclusively, broke this story.

This is the drawing Bersani presented to council last night (Click to see larger view.):


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