Loveland, Ohio -On July 25 Dianne Bomar spoke to Council during the Open Forum of the meeting. She is upset that members of the community have been attacked. She said,”In recent weeks the efforts of a dedicated, unselfish community minded group of citizens have been attacked and rejected as self-serving. This group has worked tirelessly shine a light on the unsavory and dubious words and deeds of certain members of the Council. Their efforts have been met with derisive unsavory false, and extremely personal attacks by members of the Council. Lies, innuendo, and school yard bullying have become the overriding characteristic of the majority members of this Council, specifically by Mark Fitzgerald, Angela Settell, and Pam Gross.”

She says social media posts have now been filled with lies and invective and believes the dignity of the City has suffered irreparable harm. Bomar said Fitzgerald, Settell, and Gross should relinquish their roles as council members.

None of the three council members responded to Bomar’s allegations.

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