Cassie Mattia is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine, lives in Historic Downtown, and is Italian-American!

By: Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – As Historic Downtown Loveland expands so is the cuisine! I’m not just talking restaurant chains or commercialized venues, I’m taking REAL straight from Northern Italy homemade Italian food!

Coming to Loveland in Mid-September is “RODI,” owned by new local Roberto aka Rob Peloni and his wife, Cincinnati native, Jo Beyersdorfer. RODI is set to offer one of the most authentic Italian menus you can find in the Tri-State area along with wines, beers, and coffee shipped in from all over the world. Oh, and did I mention Rob literally imported his Gelato machine in his very own vehicle all the way from L.A. just so he could add his homemade Italian Gelato to RODI’s menu?!

Peloni’s father, Angelo Peloni, is a legendary chef in L.A who has his own successful Italian restaurant called La Bruschetta. For 38 years La Bruschetta has offered all of Angelo’s very own recipes that found their origins in Northern Italy. Peloni spent multiple years in L.A with his father running his own restaurant and learning as much as he possibly could from his father and the culinary masters that reside in L.A. With just that information alone, and of course, the fact that I am VERY Italian myself, hence my last name is Mattia, I knew I had to learn more about the Peloni’s!

An early rendering of what RODI Italian will look like.

When I expressed interest in RODI, Peloni himself invited me over to see the restaurant’s layout. While I was there Peloni participated in an on-camera interview so that he could answer the questions that I thought the community of Loveland would be “craving” to hear answers to.

Intrigued yet?! If your answer is yes today is your lucky day because we have included below the full on-camera interview with Rob Peloni and believe me you don’t want to miss his inspirational cooking journey! So sit back, grab a couple of breadsticks to go with your pasta, and enjoy my exclusive one-on-one interview with “RODI” owner Roberto Peloni!

Be sure to stay up to date on when RODI will be opening up its doors to the public by visiting the restaurant’s Facebook page @rodiloveland or RODI’s official website HERE!