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by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Josh Torbeck, the Director of the Clermont Park District met with me mid-morning Wednesday at the site of their newest park. Torbeck said the park on former Grailville land doesn’t have a formal name yet but was pretty confident “Grail” or “Grailville” would be in the official name once a decision is made. Currently, it is listed as “Grailville Nature Preserve” on the District’s website. The address is 1014 O’Bannonville Road, and Loveland City Council recently took steps toward annexing the 100 acres into the City. The land reaches all the way to Route 48 (Oakland Road) and that will most likely be where most visitors will go to enjoy it.

I asked him to tell you a little about his background and previous experience which he was modest about – but his resume is certainly not modest!

To find out what was most on the minds of Loveland residents I asked a few residents what questions they would like me to ask Torbeck. One was to ask about what deed restrictions are on the land. Torbeck explained the restrictions as well as the amenities they are allowed to put on 10 acres at the Oakland Road entrance.

The most pressing issue and question however was whether the District is pursuing, or is there a potential that the adjacent 109 acres, those where the Drees company intended to build 209 homes, would eventually become an addition to the nature preserve. Torbeck gave a candid answer.

The District also recently received a $260K capital improvement grant from Ohio to be used on the nature preserve and Torbeck talked about the intended uses of those funds.

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