Loveland High School Event Wows Those Who Attended!

Columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland.

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – After having to reschedule due to severe winter weather, Loveland High School finally hosted the 2019 State of the Schools event on March 20th. The event had so much success last year, the Loveland School District wanted to make sure the focus of the event was the same, which was to create an open house where students in all grades could show, through presentations, demonstrations, and displays, the learning that takes place around the district’s three core goals of growth, care, and innovation. The event is special in that it’s an event that is not only led by the students but actually showcases the students as well!

The State of the Schools event was something that I had never experienced before this year. I had attended many school events in the past, however, I had an idea what to expect. To my very pleasant surprise, the event was nothing like I had expected! I was amazed by how many parents, teachers, and administrators were there supporting and watching their students shine. The hallways were filled with school spirit, creative learning displays, music, student art and of course, there were robots, as Loveland does have their own, might I add VERY successful, robotics team!

I got the opportunity to talk to so many bright, young minds about what their displays represented and what teams/groups they were involved with at school and why. Watching each student I talked to, passionately explain to me what their cause was or what their display represented truly inspired me. It was great seeing an event focused on the kids for the kids to succeed.

Loveland Magazine walked the halls and got some exclusive interviews with the students that made the event such a success! Watch the LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videos below to see Loveland’s brightest students at the 2019 State of the Schools event talk to us about their displays!

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