Loveland, Ohio – Diane Walker approached Loveland Magazine several weeks ago with the idea that our readers might like the idea of the chance to “gift” others each “ThankfulThursday” with a Holiday Treats Gift Card Box. Walker is the owner of the local Loveland business,

Walker wanted to make the first gift to a teacher. “The real gift to our teachers is the kind and heartfelt words from Loveland’s parents. Our teachers deserve to hear how much we appreciate all of their hard work,” she said after delivering the first gift to Loveland Middle School teacher Chris Burke on Tuesday.

Loveland Magazine Publisher David Miller said, “Walker’s very wonderful offer was generous, genuine, and heartfelt. I immediately sensed that she has a giving heart and wants to share some unique Loveland love not only during the holidays but at this particular time when our community is so ‘levy-divided.”

Last week’s “Gift a Teacher” winner was Loveland Middle School teacher Christopher Burke who was nominated by Kim Johnson.

Kim Johnson wrote:
LMS- Mr. Chris Burke, my daughter’s 8th grade American History teacher. He goes out of his way to make learning fun. For example, they do a “crisp clap” on Fridays, and he wore a tuxedo to school one day because he had rented it for a wedding over the weekend and hadn’t returned it yet. They celebrated Limbo week doing the Limbo! She is constantly telling us what he does that’s awesome. She has so much fun in that class and because of that, loves learning about our country from Mr. Burke! We are lucky to have him as a Loveland teacher!
Heather Murnan also nominated Mr. Chris Burke:
My SON shared the same stories and talks about Mr. Burke all the time! An 8th-grade boy talking about school?! ?


This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is Walker going to the Loveland Middle School after classes were dismissed on Tuesday to present the gift to Mr. Burke.

Walker added, “A gift card box with some goodies is just the cherry on top. I’m so thankful could participate in this.”

Walker also generously gave Burke a second gift box so he could pass it on to a teacher he is thankful for – to pay it forward.

Be a gift giving hero!

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This Thursday is our 2nd #ThankfulThursday

Gift a Holiday Treats Gift Card Box $10 Panera Gift Card to a Neighbor

We want to spread the love and say thank you to others, including our readers. We are giving away a Holiday Treats Gift Card Box w/$10 Panera Gift Card. to a “Neighbor” you tag or name that deserves to win. This #giveaway only lasts 24 hours so here’s how to enter:

    1. Like our PAGE
    2. Tag or name a “Neighbor” for whom you are thankful
    3. Tell them why they deserve to win this gift card box

  • December 12th — Thank your Neighbor
  • December 19th — Thank your Loveland Friend

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