Meldon said the Loveland owes the environment because it gives us so much.

Loveland, Ohio – This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is resident, Mike Meldon, speaking at the Loveland Council meeting on May 23 about what makes Loveland so unique. He said it was, “Beautiful and beloved.” He said that without nature, Loveland is not the same Loveland. He raised the issue for two reasons, because the City is losing green space and that he listened to every minute of the Community Improvement Corporation’s meetings about building a new City Hall did not he hear the word, “green” spoken. He did not hear the words “green construction” or “green building”., “And we should pay it back by respecting it.”

When the audience applauded Meldon’s statement, Mayor Mark Fitzgerald gave what he described as, “The one and final warning.” He said he would have the Police Department remove anyone from the room who applauds, and disrespects his request. None of the council members at the meeting objected to the Mayor’s statement.

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  1. Leadership is not about a title. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, Influence is about spreading the passion for the work to be done, and Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm from someone that promotes new and creative ideas. How does this current council expect to lead this community without these?

  2. There is nothing disruptive to a council meeting with an occasional applause to a citizen’s remarks. Mark Fitzgerald’s silencing council chambers nears gestapo tactics.

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