Columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown

Loveland, Ohio – On March 15th, I got the opportunity to visit a brand new climbing facility right here in Loveland. It’s called Mosaic Climbing and believe me, you want to check it out!

Before I walked into Mosaic’s opening day I envisioned a small facility with a rock climbing wall set up like the ones you see at the YMCA. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Inside the building are several rooms with state of the art climbing walls with routes that go from easy to hard depending on the color of the pegs. The Mosaic staff, both passionate and full of energy, gave me an in-depth introduction to climbing as well as walked me through the entire facility, which not only had multiple climbing walls but also includes a fitness room, yoga room, and a quiet nook for meetings or checking your work emails.

The orientation the friendly staff provides is a must before you’re allowed to climb, which I think is great for those who have never climbed before.

There is a bouldering room with shorter climbing walls, where you are able to train and work on your climbing skills with no harness, no ropes, and with or without a partner, all over large thick pads for safety. I highly recommend this room for those who are a bit afraid of heights or for small children just looking to climb a short distance.

The first room I chose to start my climbing journey had climbing walls that extended more than 50 feet into the air. In this room, you are able to do “Top Rope” or “Auto Belay” climbing which includes a rope suspended overhead. I took on the auto-belay challenge and let me tell you it wasn’t easy! This is coming from someone who works out 6 days a week. The climb itself took skill and quite a bit of strategy when it came to what peg you were going to grab next or put your feet onto. Yes, I made it to the top and wanted to yell ‘I’m the queen of the world,’ but it definitely wasn’t without effort! After I finally convinced myself to come down (it was very high up and that was a bit scary for me) not only did my forearms burn but my muscles were shaking as well! It was a great workout and I felt very accomplished!

Fortunately, Loveland Magazine Editor, David Miller, got my climbing experience at Mosaic Climbing on their opening night all on film so that you the Loveland Magazine readers could see what an unbelievable new business Loveland has added to its repertoire!

Click on the video below to get the full Mosaic climbing experience right from your living room couch!

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