Ricky Mulvey was the Emcee and Ring Announcer
David Miller

by David Miller

Who was in your corner?

Loveland, Ohio – This is your chance to hear and see the local politicians who want to be part of the team leading the Loveland City School District for the next 1,440 days. Four-long years, so this is important!

On October 21 LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV, Loveland Magazine, and the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance, hosted the contenders for seats on the Loveland school board at the Middle School. It was a standing room crowd in the half of the cafeteria that was roped off for the bout.

Moderator and emcee for the evening was Ricky Mulvey with his positive good nature and he kept the evening flowing and had the gathered guests as relaxed as if in living room easy chairs or one of the comedy shows or talent slams he’s been known to emcee.

Rick Mulvey was the Ring Announcer and Emcee for the School Board Forum. Ricky is a financial writer and the Executive Producer of a daily financial radio show. He is also the Producer of Money Matters, the syndicated weekly call-in financial radio show that is broadcast around the U.S. Mulvey graduated from Loveland High School in 2013 and has a Financial degree from Ohio State. He was a writer, on-air personality, and “talking head” for five years at Loveland Magazine and reported from Presidential campaigns, interviewed nationally known sports figures, and interviewed a Federal Judge. Mulvey was a co-moderator for the Loveland Magazine TV community question and answer forum during the school board election of 2013.

Was there an undisputed champ?

Election fans can see if the contenders rolled with the punches or had promises that pack a punch. Are there any future respected political figures or elder statesmen/women in this video?

The Championship Forum was broadcast “LIVE” on the Loveland Magazine FaceBook Page. It wasn’t Pay-per-View and tickets were not required – it was a totally FREE public service!

Who knows, there might be some highfalutin’ good ideas that came from one or more of these candidates that can transform Loveland. There was certainly some re-hashing the past but that is OK if it leads to knowledge of what the future might hold.

Politicians routinely offer more promises than they keep, however hearing straight from their mouths or even out of the side of it is the start of holding them accountable. Seeing them live on stage answering random questions is always better than voting based on the number of litter on a stick yard signs and you can be a political influencer if you can say, “I actually heard her say it!”

If you could not attend in person you may want to tune in to this re-broadcast to be in the know.

Special thanks for the assistance of District Business Manager John Ames who arranged the logistics at the Middle School.

Loveland’s 2021 General Election candidates

Important Election Dates for Voters in Ohio

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October 5 – Absentee Voting By Mail begins (28 Days Before Election Day)

October 11 – Board of Elections Closed to In-Person Voting (Columbus Day).

October 30 – Applications for absentee ballots to be mailed for Nov. 2 general election must be received by boards of elections by noon (3 days before general election)

November 2 – General Election Day. Polls open at 6:30 AM and close at 7:30 PM.

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David Miller along with Cassie Mattia is a co-owner of Loveland Magazine. He is the Publisher and Editor. He has lived in Loveland for 49-years.