Loveland, Ohio – Eight residents spoke at the August 15 Loveland City School District Board meeting and expressed their thoughts about the pending vote on a 16.78-mill combined operating levy and bond request that will be on the November 5 ballot.

You can view these LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videos to learn what they had to say and how the Board members responded.

Read this background information:

School Board approves option to purchase 110 acres of land at…

Follow this discussion that started July 31 on Loveland Magazine’s Facebook Page.

Loveland Magazine
Published July 31 at 5:50 PM

The additional money if approved by voters will fund daily operations of the school district and a building and construction bond to implement the district’s facility master plan.

If you are a member of Nextdoor, read this lively discussion about Loveland Magazine’s announcement of the levy.

Building Tiger Nation Web Site


The development of the Facility Master Plan



  1. Nothing like a good newspaper to tell you to watch it for yourself, we don’t know how to report the facts.

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