Loveland, Ohio – This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is from the Loveland-Symmes Fire and the Loveland Police department’s annual 9-11 Remembrance at the Firefighter’s Memorial Park at Harrison and Railroad Avenues in downtown.

During this year’s remembrance, plaques were unveiled to the honor and memory of Cincinnati Firefighter FAO Daryl Gordon and Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim. Firefighter Gordon worked for a period of time for the Loveland/Symmes Fire Department. Officer Sonny Kim was a Symmes Township resident and business owner and his family was a part of the City of Loveland School District Family. Both died in the line of duty.

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Chaplin, Bill Hounshell, spoke both of the men and women who died on September 11, 2011 when murderers flew planes into the Twin Towers in NY, the Pentagon, and crashed a plane in a field at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and of Officer Kim and Firefighter Gordon.

Family members of Kim and Gordon were there to participate in the unveiling of the plaques.


Click to enlarge these photos taken by Loveland-Symmes Fire Capt. Tom Turner.

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