Cassie Mattia in the first class offered by Body Alive Loveland Lagree

by Cassie Mattia,

Loveland, Ohio – The latest exercise craze has taken Loveland by storm! On Friday, February 16, David Miller, our Managing Editor, and I, attended the grand opening of Body Alive Loveland Lagree. We witnessed the official ribbon cutting ceremony, and I interviewed owners, Adam Engel and Issac Spence, and trainer, Samantha Johns about the new Loveland workout facility!

Adam and Issac, who are both 2010 Loveland High School graduates, grew up together in the same neighborhood in Loveland. Adam, now a retired MLB player, received a baseball scholarship to the University of Louisville and played Centerfield for the Chicago White Sox. Issac attended Hillsdale College and studied Marketing. After taking multiple Pilates classes and realizing how great of a workout it was Adam and Issac decided to join forces and open Body Alive Loveland Lagree!

The inaugural class of Body Alive Loveland Lagree

The Lagree Method, ”is a high-intensity, low-impact exercise method, that tightens, strengthens, and tones in as little as 30 minutes a session by incorporating bodybuilding principles, such as Time Under Tension, which removes breaks from workouts and grants users the ability to sweat, shake, and persevere through the total duration of every class.”

The Lagree Method is founded on the five components of physical fitness:

• Endurance
• Cardiovascular Fitness
• Body Composition
• Flexibility
• Strength

Lagree movements incorporate the use of 600 muscles at once, making this method even more time-efficient for those on the go and those looking for quick but lasting results. The Lagree method stays true to the 3 S’s; Shake, Sweat, and Soreness.

After reading about the Lagree method, I not only wanted to learn more from the experts, but I also wanted to see for myself what the workout was all about by participating in Body Alive Loveland Lagree’s first class of their grand opening. To give the community the full Body Alive experience I interviewed Adam, Issac, and Samantha about their journey to opening Body Alive, the Lagree method, and what sets this method of exercising apart of from others and captured my first Lagree workout all on camera!

Watch our exclusive Loveland Magazine TV interview and exercise video to learn all about Body Alive Loveland Lagree!

Body Alive Loveland Lagree is located at 10565 Loveland Madeira Road right beside Starbucks. In celebration of their grand opening, Body Alive Loveland Lagree is offering $7 Lagree 50 minute classes for a limited time. Classes can can be purchased using the Body Alive app or online at

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President and Publisher of Loveland Magazine, Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland and the Public Relations Coordinator at Butler County Board of DD. Cassie was awarded the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance 2021 Young Business Professional of the Year.

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