by Andrew Sichak and David Miller,

Loveland, Ohio – The City of Loveland’s Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony was on Monday, May 27. The event started with a parade an ended with a ceremony at the Loveland Veterans’ Memorial in the West Loveland Historic District.

The ceremony featured a speech by Colonel J Scott Calder, a Loveland High School grad with a long career in the US Air Force Medical Services.

The things Col. Calder highlighted were:

• Not all combat injuries are readily apparent.

• Tales of his most rewarding military experiences.

• During his 2009 tour his unit cared for over 300 combat casualties a month.

• He honored the incredible strength of Gold Star and military families that have endured an unimaginable sacrifice and loss.

• When the injured he cared for were first able to speak, the first thing they asked was not about themselves, but of their friends. “Did anyone else get hurt?” Too often, he had to be the first one to tell the wounded soldier that their friend had died.

• Over 80% of the deaths are non-battlefield deaths.

• How to talk with the many current and former veterans that never openly speak about the pain and struggles that haunt them. Their injuries extend far beyond the battlefield. You must do the hard thing beyond just asking, “How are you? Persist! Your efforts will not be wasted and you may send them on a path to healing.

• We owe a special debt to the Gold Star Families. Thank the families who gave so much.

The photos in this slide show were taken by Intern Andrew Sichak and Loveland Magazine Managing Editor David Miller. Andrew produced this video.

Intern, photographer, and video editor Andrew Sichak is a Junior at Loveland High School





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