Talk about “pop-up” stores, here’s one for the books!


David Miller is the Managing Editor of Loveland Magazine

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Terri Carter took time out of a very busy day while at the Avon-Miami Masonic Lodge next to Home of the Brave Park last Monday morning to tell me how the LIFE Food Pantry turned the entire space into their annual Christmas Giving Shop. Terri is the President of the Loveland Interfaith Effort, more commonly known as the Loveland LIFE Food Pantry.

LIFE is a faith and community-supported organization that provides food, financial assistance, and programs to those experiencing hardship. At the Giving Shop, one member of a household may shop for gifts for the entire family; underwear, socks, two articles of clothing, and an appropriate gift for each family member 18 and under. At the shop are toys for kids, teen gifts, gift cards, pajamas, and household family gifts such as a toaster, crockpot, coffeepot, bed linens, cookware, etc.

Please, Loveland community, lend an ear as Terri tells you about how this monumental endeavor took a village to be the most successful in her memory.

All of the staff and board members, Lodge members, and those who so generously put it all together should be smiling and patting themselves on the back right now and all through the holiday season. Thank you to all who so lavishly donated the marvelous Christmas presents for our Loveland children and their families!

About Avon-Miami Masonic Lodge

Avon-Miami No. 542 was formed when two prominent Masonic Lodges in the Cincinnati area merged. Miami No. 46 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio on January 7, 1818. Avon No. 542 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio on October 22, 1885. Both Lodges have enjoyed rich histories, complete with historically notable Brethren. Julius and Max Fleischmann were members of Avon No. 542. Julius was elected mayor of Cincinnati from 1900-1905. His brother Max was an industrialist who owned the famous Fleischmann Yeast & Gin Co. and sold the business in 1929 to the J.P. Morgan banking interests for … [ Read More ]

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