Enough is enough.

Enough was enough when gun violence became the leading cause of death for children and teens in the United States.

Enough was enough when just one community was devastated by a shooting.

Enough was enough when three children and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee were shot and killed this morning.

We will not accept this crisis as inevitable. Sending our children to school should not be a life-threatening decision.

We must hold accountable the people who continue to enable this violence: The lawmakers who choose to exacerbate this crisis with only thoughts, prayers, and deadly legislation to further weaken our gun laws. The gun industry executives and gun traffickers who have flooded our communities with guns. The extremists who have pushed forward a violent agenda that we—and our children—are paying for with our lives.

Enough is enough. Loveland, sign up now to become a volunteer with Moms Demand Action and help us create a future free from gun violence.

If you’re already a volunteer, find an event near you to help demand action. We need #MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers to end this crisis.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Moms Demand Action



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