Loveland, Ohio – The divisions within the City will reach a decades-old high Sunday morning when repairs to level the railroad crossing on West Loveland Avenues begins.

The railroad crossing will be repaired starting at 6:30 AM Sunday, June 11, and reopen sometime on Tuesday, June 13.

Genesee & Wyoming Inc Railroad will replace “significant” portions of rail, rail subgrade, track seals, and pavement.

The railroad underpass on Karl Brown Way at Loveland Canoe and Kayak only accommodates vehicles less than 8′ in height.


A storm is brewin’

I wanted to sit on those cold, grayish steel tracks and watch the moon disappear when the big mother star rose to take over and warm us. With Loretta allowing me to sit increasingly closer, wrapping my arm tighter around her waist to do so until it did.

Ears peeled for the whistle and bell and returning when the caboose trailed.

Then laying down on the ties using the steel for a pillow so we could count the stars which wouldn’t be enough to equal the ways or whys.

by David Miller


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