Loveland, Ohio – A partial Solar Eclipse will occur in Loveland on the afternoon of Monday, April 8. It’s being called the “Great North American Eclipse” and estimates are it will be the most-watched event in modern history.

The eclipse simulator is a free educational tool and is intended as a general guideline for displaying the possible appearance of the 2024 solar eclipse from any given location.WHEN VIEWING CERTAIN PHASES OF THE REAL ECLIPSE, THE VIEWER MUST WEAR ISO-CERTIFIED ECLIPSE SAFETY GLASSES TO PREVENT SERIOUS EYE DAMAGE!

The simulator is an online tool that allows you to see the 2024 total or partoal eclipse as it will appear from basically any location in North or Central America, the Caribbean, Greenland, Iceland or Hawaii. The area they’ve defined for use is as shown on the map in the location selection page.

The simulator is the best tool we’ve seen for showing you what the eclipse will look like in Loveland. If you’ve never seen an eclipse before, you’ll be amazed at what they look like! If it inspires you to get into the path and see totality, then we’ve done our job. However, it looks like staying home in Loveland will be pretty good viewing.

Even if you can’t make it into the path, you’ll still be able to preview what the eclipse will look like. However, certain caveats are in order (for example, how the prominences and the corona might appear), and you can read more detail about these.

You can experience the eclipse before it happens! This will let you:

  • Pre-plan your eclipse day viewing activities
  • See the differences between what it’s like to view the eclipse from inside the path, at the edge of the path or outside the path
  • Find the best spot for viewing Baily’s Beads
  • Experience the eclipse well before eclipse day, so you can share the excitement with your friends!

Click image below to go to the Eclipse Simulator

Read the complete instructions for using the simulator.


Loveland Schools will close on day of solar eclipse

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