What would you like to see go into the space, food or otherwise?


6a00d8341c5f6d53ef01a3fd3f1eea970b-650wiLoveland, Oh. – The former Patio restaurant next to Kroger at 700 Loveland-Madeira Road has been demolished and the owner, David Realty Group, is building a 6,350 sq ft mixed use building with a 400 sq ft patio and a drive-thru.

As of Friday, the only announced tenant is Tender Towne – selling chicken tenders, chicken wraps, chicken salad sandwiches, coleslaw, garlic toast, and fries.

There is room for more retail sales at the center.

What would you like to see go into the space, food or otherwise?

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  1. I think just about anything that isn’t a pizza place would please me. How many pizza joints do we really need in a 2-mile stretch, anyway?

    I would LOVE a Chipotle. I hate having to drive to Mason-Montgomery or Kenwood to get my fix.

    I like the suggestion of a non-chain coffee shop too!

  2. I would like to welcome an English/Irish pub, medical marijuana dispensary (once ResponsibleOhio’s fall ballot initiative passes, and it will), gold/coin shop, shooting range or Christian Science Reading Room.

  3. If we’re talking more fast-food-chain-places (lord help us!), then a Qdoba or Chipotle would give us a break from the myriad of Pizza joints on Loveland-Madeira, and provide some semblance of healthy options. Other non-chain restaurants such as Marxx or Skips Bagels or a Smoothe or coffee shop would be also be welcome!

  4. COMMUNITY CENTER!!!! Beautiful centers or other facilities in Mason, Milford, Blue Ash, Montgomery, etc… When we purchased a home in Loveland, we did so with the understanding that a YMCA was to be built. If we had known then that Loveland could not get the job done, we would NOT have purchased in Loveland. (I continually advise those who ask me, NOT to buy in Loveland; Go elsewhere for access to a community center for your family!)

  5. Tender Town Chicken?!?! yet another blight to Loveland-Madeira Rd? Could it get any worse! Surely Loveland could court a higher quality tenant! and avoid yet-another low quality, fast food chain restaurant!!!! I personally would LOVE a Fruit & Veg market, a healthy-life-style cafe, soup&sandwich shop , a micro-brew bar/restaurant, etc… (Dilly Delly in Mariemont is a wonderful example!). HOWEVER, why not build a park instead and address/fix the “Shoppers Haven” – re-name it, give it a face-lift, and attract some good quality tenants with tax rebates!? Tear down the ugliest/worst Kroger in Cincinnati and build something respectable! Loveland residents deserve better!!!

  6. Would like to see a soup and sandwich shop with vegetarian choices. Or, Veg Head should move there to get more exposure.

  7. Starbucks is already going to be moving to a new location where it will have a drive-through – I think in the space under development near its current location, closer to the highway.

    I doubt this would be a strategic location for a 2nd Trader Joe’s or Cheesecake Factory in metro Cincinnati 🙂 And though I’d love to see a health food store/Fresh Market type concept in Loveland, I can’t imagine it going in right next door to Kroger!

    @Mindy, given Tender Towne is a chicken place, don’t get your hopes up on a Popeye’s or Richie’s in the same building! Also, there is a Chinese restaurant in the Shopper’s Haven (across from LPS and LES); there was a Chinese buffet near 275 in the strip with Starbucks but it closed several years ago. Whenever I went in it was almost empty…

    @George Matthai, on Loveland-Madeira Rd. between I-275 and Loveland Ave, we already have a meat market (Ron’s, in the shopping plaza across from Walgreen’s on Loveland-Madeira Rd.), dollar store (Shopper’s Haven), and two auto parts stores (a new one where Blockbuster was, by Starbucks, and an older one, KOI, across from the post office).

    This Loveland-Madeira Rd. corridor already has so much fast food, 2 or 3 sub places, and at least 5 pizza places, do we really need more? …. a locally owned casual & healthy, reasonably priced sit-down place would be a nice addition. We routinely drive 20 minutes to get to such restaurants when we are tired of the few that are right in Loveland. BBQ, Indian, Mediterranean, or plain old American (diner??!!) would be a great addition to the current mix.

    Can’t believe nobody mentioned Graeter’s though I personally am happy with the Dairy Whip.

    How about a bigger library branch – away from the dance studio that plays loud music, with more space for gatherings/classes/etc!

    A community center! (Maybe combined w/ library branch?)

    I am thinking about things I drive to Fields-Ertel/Deerfield Township or Eastgate (or farther) for…

    A clothing and/or shoe store! (NOT another consignment/resale shop)

    A gift shop (could include items made by local artisans)! Pizazz is OK but something with a wider range of items & fewer high-end brands would be nice.

    A bookstore! Toy store!

    A mid-priced hair salon.

    Craft supplies!! The Jo-Ann Fabric that was in the Shopper’s Haven was kind of crummy but it was better than nothing – very handy for those last-minute school projects instead of running over to “shopping hell” (Fields-Ertel).

    Daycare center? Proximity to LPS/LES campus for parents with school-agers & pre-schoolers would be very attractive!

    Does anyone else find it frustrating to see new retail space being built while the Shopper’s Haven seems to be 1/3 to 1/2 empty?? And the bowling alley stands there unused & ugly while the city pays the mortgage on the land. And what about the retail that will be going into Loveland Station? Any word on what that might be?

  8. Popeye’s, Richie’s Chicken, Chinese Restaurant, Chipotle, Taco Casa, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, Perkins

  9. Popeyes, i hate having to go to Eastgate or Mason to get it or maybe even a good non-chain BBQ joint. Mmmmm smoked meat!!

  10. I would like to see a Jewelry store or A Fresh Meat Market or a $1.00 Store or an Auto parts store or a health food store or a Pet food store or medical equipment store.

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