by James Visconti

In the past 4 years our school board has been working on a plan to cover an anticipated increase in the student enrollment and the replacement of older schools with a super campus; that is second to none. This is the dream. Then the nightmare began trying to figure out how to pay for this this campus and justify nonexistent increases in student enrollment.


After countless meetings and input from many different sources a decision was made to place a tax levy totaling 16.78 mils on the November ballot.

James Visconti is a resident of Pheasantwoods in the City of Loveland

Unfortunately, most Loveland residents were unaware of this process and the impact to their taxes until the ballot information came out. What it means to most property owners is an increase of $588 per $100,000 dollars of your homes appraised value, not the assessed value. Yes, the school board did vote and passed a resolution to alter the first two years of the collection but from the third-year forward is the full amount. This is an addition to the 45 mils already on the books for schools and does not preclude the school board from placing additional levies on the ballot in future years.  


The initial numbers used by the school board to forecast the increase in enrollment was 20% over the next five years. When in fact it by their own admission it is more likely to be 5% over the next five years. Without this increase, one of the reasons for the new schools is gone. It should be noted that enrollment for the last 15 years has been relatively flat. Since, 2008 has been dropping including the last year despite all of the local development. Enrollment of 4,837 in 2008. Per the Ohio School report card 4,428 in 2019.

The next number of concern is the age of the Loveland Primary School which houses grades 1-4. Built in 1941 the school has had several remodels over the years but will eventually need to be replaced but when and at what cost? 

Why does the school district use 3 classrooms at Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) for half day preschool classes when none are required by law? 

Why does the school district use 3 classrooms at LECC for full-day kindergarten classes when none are required by law? 


We have the right to expect our elected officials to act in the best interest of those being asked to foot the bill!

We have the right to ask any and all questions and have them answered without first putting them in writing in an open board meeting!

We have the right to expect our tax dollars to be spent to educate our children not to build a super campus. 

We have the right not to be taxed out of our homes! 

We have the right to VOTE NO on November 5

I for one am going to exercise that right!


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