For many – Sen. Portman is missing in action

Cincinnati, Ohio – Area residents decided that if Sen. Rob Portman won’t hold a town hall while he is home during the Congressional recess, they’d,” Take the town to him.” They held a town hall outside his Downtown Cincinnati office on Tuesday afternoon and invited community members to ask their questions in his absence.

Many residents were angry that Portman does not return phone calls or otherwise answers questions they have recently asked him. People spoke about their environmental concerns, keeping their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, and losing health care provided by Planned Parenthood. Many asked Portman why it seems he is not interested in the Russian interference in the US election.

Especially passionate concerns were expressed about the wave of antisemitic hate that has spread across the Cincinnati area and the country since Donald Trump was elected. They also urged Portman to counter Trump’s deportation plans. Many were angry about Portman’s refusal to answer their concerns about, and his vote to confirm Betsy DeVos for Sec. of Education.



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