By Chad Hilliker, Loveland City School District superintendent

Beyond the walls of our school buildings extends a unique community our Tigers have the privilege of calling home: Loveland. Within this community resides a group of people who give of their time, their efforts and their talents to make our school district a true destination for families. They do this work with no thought to public recognition; they do this work because they want to help us do what is best for our students. This – this is why I love Loveland.

I love the Loveland Drug Task Force – a combined group of school and community members working to keep our students safe and our families informed.

I love the parent volunteers who provide The Breakfast Club at several of our schools, serving up a meal that some students otherwise would not get to eat.

I love Granny’s Garden and all the years this nonprofit organization has nourished our young minds with lessons in nature.

[pull_quote_right]I love The Loveland Initiative’s Cool School[/pull_quote_right]I love The Loveland Initiative’s Cool School after school enrichment program that has spent years providing the extra academic assistance some of our students need.

I love the more recently formed NEST program ensuring all students have resources they need when they are not at school.

I love the Valentine Ladies (they all know I love them), and their annual poetry contest which allows our students to flex their creative muscles.

And, I love the dedicated volunteers who work with our PTA organizations, our clubs and our Athletic and Music Boosters. You make an incredible difference in the lives of our students each day. We could not be the excellent district we are without you.

Thank you.   

Thank you for nurturing our mission of Preparing Students for Tomorrow, Today. Thank you for allowing us to serve your students. Thank you for welcoming me now for more than 25 years as a member of this unique community that I love to call my home.

Dedicated to the future of our students,
Chad Hilliker

Loveland City School District Superintendent

[email protected]


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