Loveland local Megan Downey is a 22 year old graduate of Kent State University and works with at-risk youth.

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

This November, you will have the chance to bring change to Clermont County. You will have the chance to say “no” to career politicians with outdated practices. You will have the chance to say “no” to a loose concept of transparency and less than fair practices of auditing.  

Cory Combs is running for Clermont County auditor this year, and he is more than qualified for the position. Cory has proven himself to be an enthusiastic and dedicated candidate. The effort he has put into his campaign foreshadows the leadership and accuracy he will bring to office. He cares about the citizens he seeks to represent and bringing accountability to Clermont County as auditor. All of these traits are lacking with the current incumbent. 

This November, you will have the chance to say “yes” to honest fiscal conservatism, “yes” to true modernization, and “yes” to truly fair governmental practices. Above all, you will have the chance to say “yes” to a fresh face and start for Clermont County’s auditor’s office with a simple vote for Cory Combs.   


Megan Downey

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