Parker’s movie is headed to the AMC in Times Square NYC

dean-parker-press-badgeLoveland, Ohio – LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videographer and video editor, Dean Parker’s short film No Love in Loveland, has been accepted as a finalist in the All-American High School Film Festival. It is the largest high school film festival in the country and the film will be screened at the AMC in Times Square NYC.

World Premier 7 PM Sunday September 13 at Loveland High School 

The premiere for No Love In Loveland will be Sunday, September 13 in the Loveland High School auditorium. The event will include the film screening (12 minute runtime), and a Q & A with Parker and his actors. You will also view an exclusive blooper reel that can only be seen at the premiere and have a chance to win a raffle for No Love In Loveland posters. There is no admission fee.

Cast includes seniors from Loveland High School:

Matthew Truesdell

Austin Bota

Erin Wilmanns

Cami DeVille

Written, Produced and Directed by Dean Parker

Dean Parker
How Parker got started making films

Parker said that what first got him interested in filmmaking was not one particular film, but just movies in general, especially movies that made him feel strong emotions such as excitement, laughter, fear, and adventure. He was particularly interested in films that touched him and mentioned Forrest Gump, E.T, Titanic, Hugo, The Lord of the Rings and even animated films such as Up and Toy Story 3. He said, “I was always thinking to myself, I want to do that. I want to make films that can make people go on an emotional roller-coaster ride. That’s my goal through every film I make. I want people to feel emotions and I want them to feel them hard.”

Parker did the directing in No Love in Loveland. He said, “It’s not my directing skills that make my actors as good as they are, its their personality and performances. Sure I tell them what to do and how I want them to execute certain lines, but they are the ones who really pull it through.” He said he chooses actors based on what he knows they can do.

[quote_box_left]Times Square, showing will be October 10th at the 4 p.m[/quote_box_left]“I think the most important skill in directing is that you need to get along with your actors and crew members,” said Parker. “One of the reasons a film like E.T was such a success is because of Spielberg’s relationship with his cast members. The bond between director and actor is so important.” He explained that the actor must understand what you want presented on screen. “I think the bond my actors and I had during No Love in Loveland was a great one.” All of the actors are friends with Parker at Loveland High School. “To have that relationship made the film a lot of fun,” said Parker.

Parker was asked if he is doing any independent film study replied laughing, “If by independent study you mean YouTube tutorials — then I guess so.”

Dean Parker, second from left plays Nicely-Nicely in Acting Up’s fall musical, Guys and Dolls.

Loveland’s young director said that nothing is set in stone about where he will attend college. He has visited Belmont University, Ohio University and Full Sail University, all of which he said have great film programs. “I’m still looking at a few more options like Columbia College Chicago, Savannah College of Art and Design, and more. What’s interesting about film is that most schools with film don’t offer the normal college experience. That’s what may end up being different for me.”

Parker has been behind the camera since about the 6th grade. He said, “I would just film with my buddies and we would make stupid homemade movies that I thought were so amazing back then. Now I look back and think, wow… that’s terrible.”

Parker is also an actor and singer appearing in many local productions. He will play the role of Nicely-Nicely in Acting Up’s fall musical, Guys and Dolls.

Parker’s future

Going into freshman year he began to take making movies more seriously. He attended annual summer films camps at The Underground and watched YouTube videos online to learn how to do certain things with the camera and editing software. “One of the big things that helped me was all the experience I had since the 6th grade, even though the videos were pretty terrible,” Parker said. “But, I learn from past films, and always strive to improve upon the next. Most importantly, I keep watching movies and television to draw inspiration and to learn how other filmmakers do it.”

Parker will travel with family and friends to the NY, to All-American High School Film Festival this October to see his movie on the big screen and see how his filmmaking skills fare.

You can give him a boost on Sunday, September 13 by attending the Loveland premier of No Loveland in Loveland at Loveland High School at 7 PM.

The All-American High School Film Festival was founded by filmmaker Andrew Jenks in 2013. Judges include: Kristin Stewart (Actress from the Twilight Saga), Morgan Spurlock (Creator of the documentary “Supersize Me”), Carlton Cuse (one of the writers for ABC’s “Lost”), and Alysia Reiner (Actress from the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black”).

You can learn more about Parker and view some of his other work at his page on Vimeo.

Watch No Love in Loveland trailer

No Love In Loveland trailer from Dean Parker on Vimeo.




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