Zakary Kadish’s dream for debate team come to fruition


Members of the LHS Debate team include Freshman Jacob Pigford, Senior Zakary Kadish, Senior Spencer Schmitt, Senior Johan Harris and Junior Allison Brugger


LHS Senior Zakary Kadish began working to establish the team as a freshman; Principal Chris Kloesz says his legacy will live on after graduation


Loveland, Oh. – His name is Zakary Kadish – and if his future goes as planned you will possibly one day see that name stamped on signs across lawns as he pursues a career in politics.

For now the Loveland High School (LHS) senior is content to use a new platform – he helped establish – to speak from – the LHS Debate Team.

“I remember Zak coming to me his freshman year and asking about forming a debate team,” said LHS Principal Chris Kloesz. “I thought we should start to see if there was enough interest to start a club first – and he got to work.”

By Kadish’s junior year, the LHS Debate Club was established and going strong. This year, Kadish saw his efforts to form a registered team come to fruition.

“I have a passion for debate, discussion and politics,” said Kadish.

It was passion that fueled the effort to establish the formal team, now under the supervision of LHS English Teacher and Debate Team Sponsor Rebekah Hacker, “The actual tournament is pretty exciting. There are several events they can participate in along with traditional debate. There’s a student congress, there’s independent speaking, impromptu speaking, humorous speaking, even poetry interpretation.”

“Loveland now has a chance to be involved in this sort of activity when once it wasn’t an option here,” said Kadish.

“This has to continue,” said Kloesz. “Because the motivation is there and the interest is there, it’s going to be great to see it continue.”



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