Saturday, Jun 20: 110 AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Ozone


Loveland, OhioBased on forecasted weather conditions, (light winds, weak high pressure system, low percentage of clouds), the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency is issuing an Air Quality Alert for Saturday, June 20. The Agency expects levels of ozone in the “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” range.

Air Quality Forecast for 06/20/20


Do Your Share and Take these precautions:

• Take the bus, carpool, bike or walk instead of driving
• Refuel your vehicle after 8 p.m.; do not top off when refueling and tighten the gas cap
• Avoid idling your vehicle
• Combine trips or eliminate unnecessary vehicle trips
• Keep your vehicle maintained with properly inflated tires and timely oil changes
• Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment on Air Quality Advisory days
• Avoid use of oil-based paints and stains on Air Quality Advisory days
• Never burn leaves or other yard trimmings
• Always burn clean, seasoned wood in outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and wood stoves
• Do not use fire pits or fireplaces for non-essential home heating on Air Quality Advisory days
• Conserve electricity

Ground-level ozone is a health hazard because people breathe it.It is formed through a complex set of chemical reactions involving hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sunlight on calm summer days where the weather may also be warm and humid. High levels of ground ozone affect the breathing process and aggravate asthma in chronic sufferers. The young, elderly, and those with lung diseases are especially susceptible. (Source Wikipedia)

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