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by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – “We know Grant is ‘done with cancer’ but not in the way any of us hoped for,” Sara Wolf said in 2021 after losing her son, Grant Wolf at just 7 years old to Medulloblastoma, a malignant tumor in the cerebellum region of the brain.

Grant’s twin sister, 9-year-old Julia Wolf, has made it her mission to advocate for childhood cancer research in memory of her brother. This will be the third year that Julia’s “Grant for Grant” fundraiser will be raising money with “The Cure Starts Now” for childhood cancer research.

Julia’s love for stuffed animals was abundantly apparent when immediately after my interview she went to sit with the sock monkey in our studio.

Julia came up with the idea to fundraise in memory of her brother Grant at his funeral in 2021. Julia had been worried about having a birthday without Grant by her side so she brainstormed and came up with two ideas; donate stuffed dogs to kids with cancer, as she and Grant loved to play with stuffed animals together, and raise money for childhood brain cancer research. Julia’s mom loved the idea and thought what a great way to get “Grant’s Wolf Pack” involved, a group of supporters and advocates for childhood cancer research, and other cancer organizations such as The Cure Starts Now. “She set the fundraising goal at $240. We watched the total grow, and grow and grow and knew that the Grant for Grant fundraiser was going to make a big impact,” Sara said.

Julia’s first Grant for Grant fundraiser collected $56,000 and the following year the campaign brought in $52,000.

With Julia and Grant’s 10th birthday coming up and the third year of the Grant for Grant fundraiser in full swing, Julia has been working hard to spread awareness about childhood brain cancer. Julia’s goal this year is to raise at least $50,000 for her A Grant for Grant fundraiser by her and Grant’s birthday on February 11th.

“Grant was really funny. He loved playing dogs and sports. He was the best twin brother,” Julia said to Loveland Magazine in a 2021 interview, “I really wanted to do something about finding a cure for cancer so that no other kid has to go through these tough times.”

Here at Loveland Magazine, we wanted to make sure we not only continued to support Julia’s cause but also let our community of readers know how they can support the cause too, so we invited Julia into the Loveland Magazine studios for a one-on-one interview! Click below to listen to the “Send it to the Table” podcast and the on-camera interview featuring Loveland’s sweetheart, Julia Wolf!

Listen to the “Send it to the Table” Podcast by Cassie Mattia featuring Julia Wolf

Wolf Family Photos

The Cure Starts Now represents something truly different – a grassroots effort dedicated to, not just fighting one cancer, but the elimination of ALL cancers. We believe as the experts do; that in order to truly cure cancer you have to focus on:
• Those cancers that are immune to treatment.
• Those cancers that also affect children.
• Those cancers that are the biggest bullies with the highest death rate.

Learn all about The Cure Starts Now in the video below!

About Grant Wolf

Grant was a Loveland School student and a kind-hearted, athletic 7-year-old boy with Medulloblastoma. He loved all sports, especially baseball, basketball, and golf.

In September 2019, as first grade began, Grant’s parents were concerned when he was regularly vomiting in the mornings. After several appointments and referrals, he had an MRI which revealed a brain tumor. After 9 months of Medulloblastoma treatment- proton radiation and chemo, Grant’s scans were stable and he was able to enjoy a wonderful summer.

Unfortunately by September 2020, his cancer had returned to his brain and spine. He began immunotherapy and more radiation but died on January 22, 2021.

Throughout treatment, Grant bravely took on many hard things. He went through a total of 60 proton radiation treatments. Grant relearned to walk and run following brain surgery and was able to get back on the golf course with his dad and best friend several times the summer before he relapsed. He had the kindest heart and was always thinking of others.

Grant loved to build roller coasters and sports fields out of things he found around the house. He could turn any piece of cardboard into some new game or activity. He often watched videos of all the Kings Island roller coasters and knew all about them, but he didn’t want to ride any of them! Grant had a special collection of stuffed dogs who accompanied him to all his appointments.

His big brother and twin sister were two of his very best friends. He found comfort in music and especially enjoyed Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran.

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Columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland and the Public Relations Coordinator at Butler County Board of DD. Cassie was awarded the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance 2021 Young Business Professional of the Year. She is the President and Publisher of Loveland Magazine.

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