by CeeCee Collins

I really like this article as it offers an interesting point of view and deep dive into happiness. This is a tough time of year around here; dark, cold weather, post-holiday and back to grind. I felt this would be a great article to share.

One of the highlights I liked about the study conducted (references cited in the article) is how it correlates strong social and family interaction to your level of happiness. One lesson it focuses on is how people that focused on work more than family and friends weren’t as happy.

Personally, I learned this lesson a long time ago. Our family was young, and I wanted to have it all. Although I was working part time, I was dragging my kids to work with me. I told myself it was for our family, to help. When I looked inward and was stressing my children out, it was about me. I wanted to have the satisfaction of working and the rewards that can come with that. I wasn’t happier, the work simply caused more stress for me and my family. Someone gently (thanks Jim), pointed that out and I made the adjustment. I did continue to work, just in a different more flexible role.

Another portion of the article explains, “Social Fitness.” Sounds like a new buzzword for the year-LOL. Seriously, social fitness is taking stock in relationships through time. They point out that some relationships energize you and some may drain you. Take stock and decide who you want to connect with further and who do you need to move on from. The best way to improve social fitness is to schedule time with those you want to further connect.

I really enjoy the people I work with; however, I get driven and have really worked to make time to give myself and those I work with the time to share. For some reason, I had it in my head that socializing while working was a big no, no! Obviously, when you balance socializing in the work place it can strengthen your work environment. When I was much younger, I would call our corporate office and jump right into business. One time, the person on the other end, said, “CeeCee, you never ask how I am, lets chat for a second.” They were correct. I felt like they didn’t have time, well I was wrong, and we became much better coworkers and friends.

Today, a large part of why I love my work is because I truly care about the people I work with.

We’re all still learning but thankfully, I have grown and am a tad more intuitive today.

Have a great month, enjoy the article!

CeeCee Collins is President of the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance.

She was born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, CeeCee Collins attended Carroll High School and has been a swimmer her entire life. She received her undergraduate degree at Xavier University where she also participated on the swim team for four years. She graduated from college in 1989 and began working at USA Today Newspaper as a Regional Marketing Manager. After marrying James Collins IV, they moved to Tampa, FL where she worked for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA for 6 years as an Executive Director.

CeeCee and her family moved back to the tri-state area after her second child’s birth. She continued to work for the Greater Cincinnati YMCA for 10 years part-time. CeeCee then pursued full-time work and became the Development Director at Ohio Valley Voices for 6 years. Throughout her years at the YMCA and Ohio Valley Voices she was active in the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (formerly the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce). She became the President of the Chamber in 2013.

CeeCee continues to enjoy working at the chamber and keeping up with her three children.  She and Jim live in Miami Township.

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