My name is Jeff Mullins, my wife Nicole and I chose to buy a home in Loveland and raise our family here over 18 years ago. We chose Loveland because of its charm and quality of life.

I was hoping you could share with me your thinking on the Grailville property. It is my understanding, the city has annexed the property for low-density residential with houses on one-acre plots. It is also my understanding, that barely two weeks later you are now considering a Special Planning District proposal from Drees to scrap the low-density requirement used to justify the annexation. Is this true? If so, I hope you can understand how bad this looks on many levels.

Green spaces near city centers are vanishing at a rapid pace across this country. The communities that value green spaces and protect them, preserve the quality of life for all residents. As a result of this quality of life, property values increase and the community thrives. Communities that choose Quantity over Quality become cheapened versions of themselves and lose the charm that made them desirable in the first place.

In my opinion, Council has already blown it, by annexing the property. Once this green space is gone, it is gone FOREVER. There is no getting it back. To make a bad decision worse by increasing density allowances after that fact, would be downright unforgivable. The council would be choosing Quantity over Quality. I don’t need to tell you how increasing density and traffic so close to downtown would be detrimental to the quality of life for all residents of Loveland. How does 209 cookie-cutter homes crammed into another sprawling development improve quality of life or protect the charm of Loveland? It doesn’t.

This vote will be a litmus test for all council members who have a vote. Who is the council representing? Are they representing the financial interests of an out-of-state home builder or are they representing and protecting the quality of life of the residents of Loveland? It couldn’t be clearer.

The result of this decision will have long-lasting effects on the quality of life in the City of Loveland. We are watching closely, please choose Quality over Quantity.


Jeff and Nicole Mullins

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