Barry Kuhn is a candidate for Loveland City Council and provided this Candidate Statement to Loveland Magazine.

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My name is Barry Kuhn, and I’d like your vote for Loveland City Council on November, 7th.

I have been a resident of Loveland for over 40 years. This has allowed me to see the progress our city has made over the years in making Loveland a place where people are want to live, and raise their families. I am involved in several local organizations, and feel that I have a good understanding of the things that our citizens want from their local government. My experience of the last few years serving on the city’s Finance Committee has exposed me to the budget process, and where our tax dollars are being spent. I am also the Vice-Chairperson on the Board of Zoning Appeals. Serving the city in this capacity has allowed me to develop strong working relationships with the various departments in City Hall. My experience in the business world has allowed me to develop leadership skills, and the ability to partner with different groups in working towards our goals. I am also an effective communicator. I plan on leveraging all my experience in making myself successful as a member of City Council.

Our city has gone through some tough political issues this year. My top priority will be increasing the amount of communication between City Council and our residents. I will be looking for opportunities to expand resident participation in decisions that are made regarding city owned land development, city policies or ordinances that effect organizations or businesses, and other matters that directly impact them. My goal would be to hold quarterly or semi-annual town meetings so that a dialog can occur outside of City Council chambers. This will allow our residents an opportunity to have their voices heard and have their questions answered. Another priority will be to review the City’s Charter, and its’ ordinances. Our city has changed over the years, and I believe that our Charter may need updating to change with it. I support both the direct election of our city’s Mayor, and term limits for our elected officials. These changes would require a Charter Amendment. City Council should take an active role in ensuring that our Charter is serving the citizens of Loveland. Another top priority would be to repair the relationships between City Council and our local Chamber of Commerce, Farmer’s Market, Amazing Race, and other organizations and businesses that make our city a great place to live. We need to view them as partners, and collaborate with them instead of viewing them as enemies. We’re all in this together, working towards the same goal. Making our city the best that it can be.

Thanks for your consideration. If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]

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