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Loveland, Ohio – The work at the Loveland School District to prepare for fall and the new school year continues. According to the District, teams have been working on various options that can be revised once State guidance becomes available.

Superintendent Dr. Amy Crause said in a District newsletter on June 19, “Our preference would be to return to school fully – five days a week – if that can be done safely.” She goes on to say, “We know that remote learning will never be a perfect substitute for in-class instruction, however, we are faced with the reality that we may have to start the new school year in a nontraditional way.”

On Tuesday, June 23, the Loveland Board of Education will discuss changes that may be necessary to prepare for the new year, including a recommended change to the school calendar that delays the return of students by one week to allow for health and safety preparations and training.

In anticipation of concrete guidance from the Ohio Department of Education (expected the week of June 22), the models below have been developed for the reopening of school. These models will be adjusted as needed once further guidance from state and local agencies is available.

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The District has been asking residents to complete a survey of the proposed models for reopening that will enable them to make better decisions as health and safety guidance continues to evolve and becomes available from state agencies. The survey should be completed by Tuesday, June 23.


Board Business Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Livestreamed –
6 p.m.
As we have experienced technical difficulties with the livestreaming of meetings in the past, we are providing this backup link should any issues arise: (This link will ONLY be used in case the connection to the meeting is lost via the link provided above.)


1. Opening Items

1.1 Adoption of Board Agenda

1.2 Welcoming of Guests

1.3 Hearing of the Public (emailed to the Board at [email protected] by 4 p.m. on June 23)

1.4 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Superintendent Resolutions

4.1 Approve Contract for Communication Services

4.2 Approve Amended 2020-2021 Calendar Due to COVID-19

5. Treasurer Resolutions

5.2 Approve financial reports, payment of invoices, board member expenses, transfers, investment of funds, and appropriation adjustments

5.3 Approve final amended appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020

5.4 Approve final amended certificate of estimated resources for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 and set the legal level of control to the fund level

5.5 Approve total amount from all sources available for expenditure and balances

5.6 Approve temporary appropriations for fiscal year 2021 at 50% of the 2020 appropriations

5.7 Accept donations

1) Donation from NEST of $2,323.79 to the Food Service Department

2) Donation from Candice Kendle of $5,000 for discretionary purposes

5.9 Approve student participation fees for athletics and fine arts

Updated pay to participate fees:


HS – $310

MS – $265

Fine Arts**:

Marching Band – $50

Pep Band – $10

Winter Guard – $25

Winter Percussion – $25

MS Stage Band – $25

Show Choir MS – $20

Show Choir Band – $10

HS Drama – $15

MS Drama – $15

Drama Band – $15

*This is the total fee per activity

**These fees are in addition to any current fees being charged or are a new fee. Any current fees only cover the supplies/consumable items for the activity.

5.11 Approval of transfer from general fund to “Lunchroom” fund 006-0000

5.12 Approve Fund 507 – Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

5.13 Approval of Treasurer Items 5.1 – 5.12

6. Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources


6.1 Approve Contract for Center for Collaborative Solutions Council of Governments (“CCSCOG”) to provide substitute placement services

6.2 Resignations and employment of certified, classified, homebound, substitute and supplemental positions for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.

7. Meeting Closing


7.1 Adjournment