Some are filled with candy and some are filled with gore. All are jim dandy and each will leave you wanting more.

Skeletor at the Simpson Farm Asylum where it’s has been said to be extremely haunted by evil spirits begging to be released from their cells on Halloween Eve.

Loveland, Ohio ‚ÄstWith Halloween right around the corner, it only seems right to take YOU our readers to the creepiest, most ghost-filled¬†haunted¬†places¬†around where you might meet Skeletor the Haunted Places Guru!

Everyone loves a good scary house of horror, especially during Halloween, but at times it can be tough selecting the one that will be sure to chill you to the bone! Skeletor, who hibernates all year at the Simpson Farm Asylum, located at Loveland Magazine’s office, awakens in October in preparation for the 30th.

It’s that time of year when scares and frights are near! 

Prepare to be creeped out by just going to the websites of her favorite haunts!

Here, in no particular order are where Skeletor loiters and lingers this time of year.

If your own house is haunted, please drop us a line with the subject line I’m seeing ghosts here!

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