Loveland, Ohio – On December 2, Loveland City Council will meet to swear in the recently elected members. The meeting will begin at 7 PM at City Hall.

Kathy Bailey is the current Mayor, however, after municipal elections in Loveland, Council meets in an “Organizational Meeting” and votes among themselves a Mayor and Vice-Mayor for the next two years.

Sitting at the Council table that night will be the three who finished at the top of the November 5th election; current Mayor, Kathy Bailey (2,642 votes), newly elected member, Andy Bateman (2,190 votes); and, current member, Kent Blair (1,873 votes). Current member Angie Settell (1,247 votes) was not re-elected. Council has 7 members.

The other candidates not elected were, Pat Ahr (1,183 votes) and Cory O’Donnell (769 votes).

Sitting with those who won on November 5th will be current members, Vice-Mayor Rob Weisgerber, and members Tim Butler, Neal Oury, and Ted Phelps.

Let’s have some fun and see if readers can see into the future, “Who is most likely to be Loveland’s next Mayor?”

Just for fun, we’ve thrown in our favorite write-in candidate, Ms. Loveland Frog! Because after-all it would be nice to have a “tad” more gender equality and hear something besides just 7 human voices croaking “Yes” in unison for the next two years.


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