Loveland, OhioLoveland has always been known as a community filled with love, hence why Loveland is called the “Sweetheart of Ohio.” Each and every citizen in Loveland makes up an important piece of the community, but in saying that it’s up to the citizen as to what they do with their role as an important piece of that community. This is what makes up a community’s “D.N.A.”

Over the past year, Loveland Magazine has been in search of community members that truly play an important role in Loveland’s D.N.A. Thus far we have found some very special candidates for our feature column, “What’s In Loveland’s D.N.A.” After taking some time to really search for the next featured candidate we finally came across someone who not only lives in Loveland but has dedicated their career to impacting the youth of Loveland in the most positive way possible!

Mike Dunlap has been an active member of the Loveland Community since 5th grade, and yes he was a Loveland Tiger! Dunlap teaches Science at Loveland High School and is the head coach of Loveland High School’s Men’s Soccer Team. Dunlap has been involved with LHS and the Tiger students for over 20 years and his dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Mike “Flipped” his Classroom

Growing up Dunlap admitted that he struggled with ADHD and so learning something in the classroom and then trying to go home and apply what he learned in his homework was a huge struggle! When Dunlap got the teaching position at Loveland High School he knew that there would be students that struggled with ADHD just like him. This is when Dunlap introduced “Flipping the Classroom” to his students. With this teaching model students are able to watch pre-recorded lectures as their “homework assignment” and then do the traditional homework in class with the teacher and fellow students. When Dunlap introduced this idea to his students their grade point averages shot up almost immediately! Dunlap’s influence in the classroom and on the soccer field is why he is known for shaping so many student-athletes into successful individuals!

Loveland Magazine TV presents “What’s In Loveland’s D.N.A” featuring Mike Dunlap! Click below for the full-length interview!


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