by CeeCee Collins

As I’ve had some time to spend with my 20-something-year-old children over the summer. I’m really seeing where the next phase of employment is headed firsthand. Very different from my generation (mid 50’s), we and our parents were taught to find a job in the town we were in, get up each day and go into the office and grind. If it was the 80’s it was a “who could put in the most hours,” contest each and every day. 

I know we’ve all been reading and hearing about the latest way our children are working, but to see it in action has been…interesting. Perhaps, I’m a tad jealous, but mostly I’m happy for them. I kind of keep waiting for the fallout of their choices. What I’m referring to is their ability to FIRST pick the city, state, or country they wish to work (live) in and THEN find employment. No way would my dad have allowed that, nor would I have jumped into that risky venture years ago. 

It’s cool, I’m seeing kids head south (I probably would have gone that route as I love the water), or head to Colorado (not my scene but I would have done the skiing). I often say, I don’t have a lot of regrets in life, but I do wish I would have taken time between college and real life to go on an adventure. Thrown caution to the wind! Live simply, waited tables, and hoped I had enough money for rent and food. I took a job that really was not the best fit for me after college but it paid my bills.

Workers today don’t even have to go that extreme. Yea, I’m a tad jealous. It has been great to hear where they all land. My son has a large friend group from high school and college. They truly all picked different cities to work in. They go visit each other often and have a place to stay. By the way, he is in Nashville. My friends and I say, could you have imagined doing this?!? Ha, ha!

I get it technology has advanced, etc. I’m just saying it would have made stepping into the workforce a little less painful after college if I could choose where I lived. If you read this and have thoughts or opinions, I’d love to hear them on our Facebook page

Hope you are having a great July and stay safe!

CeeCee Collins is President of the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance.

She was born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, CeeCee Collins attended Carroll High School and has been a swimmer her entire life. She received her undergraduate degree at Xavier University where she also participated on the swim team for four years.

She graduated from college in 1989 and began working at USA Today Newspaper as a Regional Marketing Manager. After marrying James Collins IV, they moved to Tampa, FL where she worked for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA for 6 years as an Executive Director.

CeeCee and her family moved back to the tri-state area after her second child’s birth. She continued to work for the Greater Cincinnati YMCA for 10 years part-time. CeeCee then pursued full-time work and became the Development Director at Ohio Valley Voices for 6 years.

Throughout her years at the YMCA and Ohio Valley Voices she was active in the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (formerly the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce). She became the President of the Chamber in 2013. CeeCee continues to enjoy working at the chamber and keeping up with her three children.  She and Jim live in Miami Township.

You can EMAIL CeeCee or call the Chamber at (513) 683-1544,

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