by Mahi Sheth 

Summer is coming up quickly meaning it’s time to start planning your reading list! For those who enjoy reading a great novel while laying in the sun, I’ve got the perfect Young Adult (YA) romance novel by Kasie West to keep you company. 

Sunkissed is a contemporary romance novel about a girl named Avery. Avery, who has just started summer vacation, comes across a whole slew of problems unexpectedly! From dealing with a betrayal from a best friend to two months with no wifi to having a crush on a mysterious, frustratingly charming guy named Brooks who happens to be off-limits, Avery’s entire life gets turned upside down. When Brooks offers Avery a chance at finding out what she wants and who she wants to be, she finds that falling in love isn’t so bad after all.  

In the novel, West manages to capture both the problems teens face and the reaction one would feel after being betrayed by a best friend. Sunkissed is a coming-of-age novel that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys reading about young teens finding their place in the world, guys who have a talent for music, and those with a passion for love!

If you think Sunkissed sounds interesting, here are a few similar novels by Kasie West and other authors:

The Upside Of Falling by Alex Light

Seventeen-year-old book-lover, Becca believes in true love and fairytales while Brett, the captain of the football team, just wants to get through high school without a girlfriend distracting him. When Becca gets caught in a lie, Brett helps her out. A fake relationship should be easy, right? That’s until Becca and Brett’s true feelings come into play! (Cover provided by Amazon)

Maybe This Time by Kasie West


A small-town girl named Sophie wants to go to the big apple to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer. While Sophie is working hard to earn money in Rockside for college, she meets an arrogant rich boy who happens to be staying in there for an entire year. Fireworks explode when these two are together! Can Sophie and Andrew play nice after attending several Rockside events together?  (Cover provided by Goodreads)

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Cayman and Xander, who have no inclination of what their future holds, are from different sides of the track. In order to figure out what they want to do, they decide to designate every Saturday as “career day.” As Cayman and Xander become closer, Cayman wonders if they can be together even though they are from different worlds. Will money trump true love? (Cover provided by Goodreads)


Kasie West lives in Central California with her husband and four kids. She graduated from Fresno State University with a BA degree in Elementary Education. West has published several YA novels taking home an award for Best Novel for one of her YA novels, Pivot Point, in 2013. 

“Best Short Story” award winner Mahi Sheth knows a thing or two about writing! Mahi is a creative writer who is a part of her high school newspaper, The Roar. The way words come together to form a story is Mahi’s favorite part about journalism. In Mahi’s downtime, she loves to read and dance. Mahi is a freshman at Loveland High School.

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