by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Over the past few months, citizens all across Ohio have been searching for a light at the end of the tunnel. In the midst of the Stay At Home Order, many people have been doing what they can to spread positivity in light of all the negative situations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. That bit of positivity made it’s way to Loveland Magazine’s front door in the form of OHSAA’s legendary Media Award!

In February Loveland Magazine’s Editor in Chief, David Miller was notified by OHSAA that he had been selected for the 2020 Media Award.

In 1991, the Ohio High School Athletic Association initiated the Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Program. One aspect of the program was to honor those “special individuals” who bring great recognition to our high schools, coaches, and especially, our athletes through media’s different forms. Each of Ohio’s six athletic districts was asked to put a process in place to gather nominations of individuals who fit this special category.” –

When Miller found out he had won the Media award he had no idea that Loveland High School and the Athletic Department were responsible for nominating him for the prestigious award! Click the photo below to check out what Miller’s reaction was to winning OHSAA’s Media Award.

Loveland Magazine’s very own David Miller is Recognized by OHSAA and LHS


Luckily Miller was able to experience somewhat of a celebration for his achievement before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ohio. On Saturday, February 1st LHS’s Athletic Department honored Miller in front of a packed LHS gym in between quarters of the Loveland Men’s basketball game (above photo).

Immediately after leaving the Cintas Center, David sent this photo to those who he un-invited to attend because he was concerned about them contracting the COVID 19 virus.

Nearly a month after being recognized at LHS, Miller was honored once again only this time during the finals of Ohio’s Division I Men’s High School basketball game at Xavier University’s Cintas Arena. The ceremony took place on Sunday, March 8th between quarters 3 and 4. Originally Miller and 8 of his guests were supposed to be treated to a sit-down dinner and then shortly after watch Miller honored on the court with the Media Award, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Miller’s guests stayed safely at home cheering Miller on from afar! Thankfully Miller was still honored as planned just in front of a smaller, socially distanced crowd of the friends he had wanted to attend the Cintas event with him. “It broke my heart to dis-invite, my friends and supporters, to the dinner,” Miller said, “But when I awoke that Sunday morning reading about more warnings about staying away from large crowds, that is what I needed to do.”

Miller’s disappointment was because his guests had played such an important, role for decades, for the attention he alone was receiving.

David Miller in all his glory receiving the 2020 Media Award at Xavier’s Cintas Center in March

Tim Stried, OHSAA’s Director of Communications, when asked about Miller reminisced on the moment he first him in 2013.

Tim Stried, OHSAA’s Director of Communications

“I first got to know David in 2013 when Loveland made its run to the 2013 Division II football state championship,” Stried said, “I read much of his coverage of the team in the playoffs and I remember his excitement and professionalism covering the team in Canton for the state championship game.”

OHSAA also included quite the biography on Miller on their website after he was honored with the 2020 Media Award. Below is an excerpt from OHSAA’s website.

Mr. David Miller Editor and publisher of the Loveland Magazine. Mr. Miller has covered the Loveland schools for forty years. He plays a central role in training aspiring journalists from Loveland High School. He designed and branded the logo used by the Loveland High School Booster’s Club. He has published 1,400 sports stories in his magazine. He attends the annual athletic college signing day and promotes the honorees by producing a video of this event. Throughout his community, he initiated Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to build two houses. In 2006, the Loveland Magazine was awarded the prestigious Booth Spirit Media Award beating out all other media or stations in the Tri-State area. Recognition for going the extra mile in making his community healthy and strong. Congratulations Mr. Miller for doing a great job in promoting our athletes and coaches!” –

“It has been a gift from God that I’ve had the privilege of being around the Loveland High School’s athletic program for so many years,” Miller said, “I couldn’t imagine a more thoughtful and kind group of people. It was like biting into the most delicious apple pie that someone else mixed up all just the right ingredients into and baked for me. And, I got an award for eating it? I thank them for nominating me. And, I thank all of the current and former athletes and their parents for making attending their sporting events so rewarding and fun,” Miller added, “I am extremely grateful to Assistant Director of Student Athletics Eric Fry who spearheaded the nomination process, Director of Student Athletics Brian Conatser, Athletic Administrative Assistant Kristy Brulport, Site Manager Jake Elfers, and LHS Principal Peggy Johnson for the help and hospitality they have always given me. I also want to express my gratitude to Loveland Magazine’s LHS interns, Ricky Mulvey, Willie Lutz, Chris Shoals, Dean Parker, Sam Smith, and Matt Huether for all of the great sports reporting they did for our readers over the past decade. Also, Jen Morrison and David Burig for their incredible sports photography.”

Community of Loveland – please join me in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. David Miller for receiving OHSAA’s 2020 Media Award! I think we can all agree that there would be no LOVE in LOVE-LAND without David Miller!


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