Construction has begun: Road closed during the daytime hours of 8 AM until 4 pm for six weeks

Deerfield Township, Ohio – “The intersection of Fields-Ertel Road and Columbia Road (Lebanon Road in Hamilton County) is frequently congested and a high accident area,” according to a press release issued by the Warren County Engineer’s Office. In engineer speak, “To improve level of service.” The project will include the construction of a roundabout next year.

The first phase of the construction began on July 6. The Columbia/Lebanon/Fields-Ertel Road intersection will be closed during the daytime hours of 8 AM until 4 pm for utility work for six weeks, weather permitting. The project limits will begin at Columbia Road and reach 2500 feet east to Ashwood Drive. The construction of the roundabout will begin “…when funding becomes available, in July of 2016.”

While studying the proposal, an estimate was presented to the public of the construction cost of $2.1 million   to add traffic lights at the intersection, or to construct the roundabout, $1 million.

These renderings were provided as a visual for the upcoming intersection improvements at a “Public Involvement Meeting” held in March, 2012. They were provided for a reference, however, “not to be considered official final design for the upcoming construction.”


View Driveway Access drawing: Driveway Access 2012-03-16
View full project map: Roundabout – Large Scale 2012-03-16


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  1. Cheaper, but not as efficient . This was long overdue. Roundabouts are the best way to keep traffic moving. Plus, you get to sing a classic YES song as you drive through!

  2. EDITOR’S NOTE: We just ask that question on Monday to the County Engineer’s office and are awaiting a response.

  3. Well it’s almost May 2016 and I noticed that the electric utility has put up new poles within the new right of way, just wondered if the project is still going to happen

  4. HCEO states that the unconscionably rough road surface from the water main replacement will not be smoothed and finalized until the 2017 construction season. Engineer is aware of the issue. Call him if you like at (513) 946-8903.

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