Dear Friends and Community Champions,

We trust this letter finds you well.

We are writing to share an exciting opportunity with you from a valued supporter of Loveland Magazine, that has the potential to significantly enhance our operations. Recently, we’ve encountered challenges stemming from the limitations of our current equipment, particularly our aging laptop, which has been with us for a decade. Unfortunately, it can no longer support the latest operating system updates, severely hindering our ability to efficiently edit videos and photos, as well as perform other essential tasks.

Understanding the critical need for an upgrade, our generous donor has graciously offered to match every dollar donated towards the purchase of a new laptop, up to the total cost of $2,800. This means that your contribution will be doubled, maximizing the impact of your support and making a new laptop possible.

The shortcomings of our current laptop are abundantly clear. Outdated software and hardware have rendered video editing a slow and cumbersome process, often resulting in delays in rendering and uploading videos for online use. Moreover, our limited storage capacity frequently disrupts our workflow, necessitating time-consuming file management to free up space.

Additionally, our reliance on antiquated versions of Photoshop and outdated display technology further compounds our challenges, impeding our ability to create and present content at the level of quality we aspire to.

Furthermore, the laptop’s deteriorating battery life and the high cost of replacement only add to our concerns, making it increasingly impractical for everyday use or repair.

Your support in this endeavor will not only alleviate these pressing issues but also empower us to continue delivering high-quality content to our readers and community. Your contribution will directly enable us to acquire a new laptop equipped with the necessary programs to meet the demands of modern content creation and distribution.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support and partnership in our mission to inform, inspire, and engage our audience. Together, we can ensure Loveland Magazine remains a vibrant and indispensable resource for years to come.

Cassie and David at a “Rolling Mondays” fundraiser for Coach Parker in 2021.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our work.

Warm regards,

David and Cassie



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