by Linda Bergholz

I think we are all going to remember June of 2022 when we hit temperatures in the upper 90’s. What a miserable time for the power to go out! No air conditioning, no fans, and opening the windows made it even more humid and sticky. 

But we sometimes forget that our “fur babies” are suffering as well.  And just like they suffer with extreme heat or cold, they suffer from being hungry. Many of our clients have pets and struggle to feed them. In some cases, their pet is the one constant in their life, and they will feed them before they eat their own meals.  

Can you help? We know this is an unusual request, but we don’t spend monetary donations on pet items. Our clients are in desperate need of cat and dog food – all sizes, any variety, cans or dry. Additionally, cat litter and assorted sizes of collars and leashes would be appreciated as well. You may even want to ask your vet if they have any to donate, we recently received pet food donations from the East Hills Veterinary Clinic, for which we are very grateful.

Our clients want to care for all members of their family. Thank you for your continued support!


Linda Bergholz
Executive Director
LIFE Food Pantry

LIFE is a faith and community supported organization that provides food, financial assistance and programs to those experiencing hardship in the greater Loveland area.

Since 1988, the Loveland Interfaith Effort (LIFE) Food Pantry has been serving the Greater Loveland community by providing food and support for those less fortunate. We currently provide much needed food to hundreds of families, stock snack shelves at the local schools for qualifying children, and even financial assistance for those in dire need.

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