by CeeCee Collins

We recently received a newsletter from the business that helps us with our website, Legend Webworks. They had a few articles in the newsletter and this one particularly caught my eye.

The article discusses the importance of community involvement, a topic very near and dear to my heart. I’ve given a few talks about this in our area. One of the most important factors is to be authentic about your involvement. We’ve all seen the serial volunteers that sign up for committees and don’t give back, or even worse don’t show up, all while they tell everyone how many boards or committees they sit on. I feel that does more damage than good.

If you’re going to give back, it’s important to find your area of interest and where you can truly contribute. Ideas are schools, city government, non-profits, the arts, sports teams, and of course, the chamber!

The article emphasizes how where and when you volunteer, sponsor, or contribute your time and resources reflects on your brand. I completely agree. This is something I also look at when a business is involving themselves in a nonprofit. I look at why would that business align with that nonprofit; does it pair up? Does it align with what the business is trying to accomplish? It’s so important to be purposeful and not just go for the shiniest nonprofit in town.

As we are in the benevolent time of the season, please let me know if you need a list of area non-profits. I keep a running list for reference, I’m happy to share. Don’t be shy to share what your business is doing for the nonprofit. I respect folks that are humble, but it your business is contributing, either the nonprofit should share, or you can do it in a high-class, smart manner.

Believe me when community involvement is done correctly, people will know. Word gets around.

Have a fantastic holiday!

CeeCee Collins is President of the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance. She was born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, CeeCee Collins attended Carroll High School and has been a swimmer her entire life. She received her undergraduate degree at Xavier University where she also participated on the swim team for four years. She graduated from college in 1989 and began working at USA Today Newspaper as a Regional Marketing Manager. After marrying James Collins IV, they moved to Tampa, FL where she worked for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA for 6 years as an Executive Director.CeeCee and her family moved back to the tri-state area after her second child’s birth. She continued to work for the Greater Cincinnati YMCA for 10 years part-time. CeeCee then pursued full-time work and became the Development Director at Ohio Valley Voices for 6 years. Throughout her years at the YMCA and Ohio Valley Voices she was active in the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (formerly the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce). She became the President of the Chamber in 2013. CeeCee continues to enjoy working at the chamber and keeping up with her three children.  She and Jim live in Miami Township.

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