Sean Behling
Sean Behling

by Sean Behling

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland is known for many unique and authentic experiences! People from all over Cincinnati come down to the “Sweetheart of Ohio” just to experience the local delicacies Loveland has to offer. One shop located right off the Loveland Bike Trail specializes in all things homemade and local, encompassing what Loveland is really all about. 

Introducing Trailside Provisions; a little pop of Loveland paradise!

Trailside Provisions is a family-owned store that specializes in homemade treats and features local vendors’ handcrafted products. Trailside opened in Loveland two and a half years ago, in a more expansive location after operating in Mason for 13 years. Owner Vickie Larcomb has an extensive background in the food industry, as she grew up in her family’s butcher shop. 

“I’ve always been in the food business. I was a caterer and grew up in my family’s butcher shop. We were just looking for something that there wasn’t. There was not a popcorn shop, nor was there a chocolate shop in Mason, so that’s where we started and we just kept getting bigger.”

After working in the food business for such a long time, Larcomb wanted a shop of her own. She said, “Instead of running around catering for others and planning events, doing everybody else’s stuff, I wanted my own place.”

After looking for a market in Mason that didn’t exist, she settled upon owning a shop that sold popcorn and sweets, opening Main Street Sweets and Popcorn in 2006. Though it was tough to start her business in Mason, she kept adapting and growing further and further. After 13 successful years, Main Street Sweets and Popcorn closed in Mason, reopening as Trailside Provisions in a larger building here in Loveland.

“You know, whenever you start, not everything works, and we had to make changes and adjustments as we went along, so it made it easier when we made the change from Mason to Loveland because we already had 13 years behind us in this business,” said Larcomb.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic started flaring up after Trailside Provisions had only been in business for two months. However, Larcomb managed to keep the business running using an online order system through Facebook. Larcomb established “pickup days” outside of the storefront, which carried Trailside through until its full reopening in late May of 2020.

Larcomb said, “The pandemic hit us a little differently because we had only been open 2 months before it hit. So we were open for 2 months and then closed down. But, Loveland being Loveland, we did Facebook business.”

When I arrived at Trailside Provisions, Larcomb was hands-deep in chocolate preparing treats for the Easter season, which only enticed me more about what the local shop had to offer. Trailside Provisions is most well known for its delicious selection of chocolate treats, and scrumptious array of gourmet popcorn. Their most popular popcorn is the caramel corn, which Larcomb makes fresh and serves warm every day. Luckily I got the opportunity to personally try Trailside’s caramel corn, and I found it to be a delectable combination of sweet and salty.

Trailside Provisions is also known for its locally sourced products. The shop carries Wolf’s Honey Bee Farm honey from Goshen, Thomas Ireland Smith Farm maple syrup from Morrow, La Crema Coffee Company coffee from West Chester, and The Jam and Jelly Lady jams and jellies from Lebanon just to name a few.

“When you start with one local product, they talk to you about somebody else that they know. It’s sort of like a network”, said Larcomb.

To my surprise, Trailside Provisions not only sells local businesses’ products, but they also sell small businesses’ products from all over the country.

“What other things we buy we try and buy from small businesses, women-owned businesses, and family-owned businesses from across the country. So we’ve got stuff from the East Coast, West Coast, North and South,” said Larcomb.

On top of supporting small businesses from all over the country, Trailside Provisions also plays a part in many community events. Whenever there is a City or Chamber of Commerce event or fundraiser, you can be sure that Trailside Provisions will participate. On top of that, they also help with other events as well, such as giving out samples and holding giveaways at events to lend a helping hand to the people running them.

Larcomb is always trying to find new products to add to her shelves, scouring food shows looking for great new products to sell. Not only is she always searching for new local products, but she’s always coming up with new and interesting popcorn recipes to line their shelves as well. Soon, they’re planning to roll out a seasonal assorted mix of glazed popcorn to celebrate Easter.

“So I went to a food show in January, found new things and they’re starting to come in now. We found a few new things that will go with what we have here, and we’ll just keep adding to it as long as I’ve got room,” said Larcomb.

Trailside Provisions is located at 120 Karl Brown Way, Loveland, OH 45140, and is open from 10 AM until 6 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 10 AM until noon on Fridays, and noon until 5 PM on Sundays. 

If you’re craving some delectable local treats, head on down to the Loveland Bike Trail to taste and see what Trailside Provisions has in store for you.

Sean Behling

If you’re here for bland or generic writing, you’re in the wrong place! Sean Behling is an accomplished student journalist that has a plethora of experience in the Journalism field. Sean wrote a short story his freshman year that caught the attention of his English teacher which led to Sean joining his high school’s newspaper the very next year! Sean not only writes both Editorials and Entertainment news, but he also writes for his high school robotics team. Along with being a skilled writer, Sean also has extensive experience in using Adobe InDesign and editing high-quality videos in Adobe Premiere. Sean, a junior at Loveland High School, has the skills, knowledge, and friendly smile that he hopes will lead him down the path to success! Of course, if you’re looking for the same-old boring writing, Sean can lead you down the hall to the door on the left!

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