Loveland, Ohio – Today at 10:26 AM, Loveland Magazine received the following email from Loveland Clerk of Council, Misty Cheshire:

The meeting(s) were advertised to be held at 3 p.m. at the Safety Center.  The location or time can’t be changed without providing 24 hour notice to the public.  Today’s meetings will be held at the Safety Center.

Misty Cheshire

The announcement pertains to a point meeting of City Council and the Community Improvement Corporation that was called without the advice of three council members who said they could not attend the meeting because they have jobs outside of the City that prevents them from attending mid-day meetings.

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There were efforts by several of the city officials to have the meeting date and time changed to be more accommodating to those who could not attend. Those efforts failed.

There was also confusion about where the meeting was going to be held and the agenda for the meeting, however, the City has now published the agenda:

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