Excerpts from the “Charter” of the City of Loveland and “Council Rules” regarding calling special meetings and publishing the purpose of all special meetings



Rule 3. Special Meetings.
   The Mayor or any four members of Council may call a special meeting upon written notice to each member served personally or left at his usual place of residence. In the event of a local or national disaster affecting the health, safety and welfare of the City of Loveland, any member of Council may call a special meeting of Council upon notice served by any means readily available to all members of Council.
   Any four members so meeting in an emergency session may conduct any business which may lawfully come before them.
Rule 8. The Clerk of Council.
   The Clerk shall prepare the council meeting agenda in conjunction with the Mayor and City Manager before notification to Council Members.
109.01  SCOPE. 
   This chapter is enacted for the purposes of: 
   (a)   Establishing a reasonable method for any person to determine the time and place of all regularly scheduled meetings and the time, place, and purpose of all special meetings; 
   (b)   Making provisions for giving advance notice of special meetings to the news media that have requested notification; and 
   (c)   Making provisions for persons to request and obtain reasonable advance notification of all meetings at which any specific type of public business is to be discussed. The rules apply to each municipal body of this City and are in addition to any applicable legal requirements as to notices to members of a municipal body or to others in connection with specific meetings or specific subject matters. 
      (Res. 1975-44.  Passed 12-9-75.)
 (h)   “Special meeting” means a meeting which is neither a regular meeting nor an adjournment of a regular or special meeting to another time or day to consider items specifically stated on the original agenda of such regular or special meeting.
   (a)   Except in the case of a special meeting referred to in Section 109.05(e), the Clerk shall, not later than 12 hours before the time of a special meeting of a municipal body, post a statement of the time, place, and purposes of the special meeting. 
   (b)   The statement under this section and the notifications under Section 109.05 shall state such specific or general purpose or purposes then known to the Clerk to be intended to be considered at such special meeting, and may state, as an additional general purpose, that any other business as may properly come before the municipal body at the meeting may be considered and acted on. 
(Res. 1975-44.  Passed 12-9-75.)
(d)   The Clerk shall give oral notification or written notification, or both, as the Clerk determines, to the news media that have requested the advance notification in accordance with subsections (b) and (c) hereof, of the time, place, and purposes of each special meeting, at least 24 hours prior to the time of such special meeting.

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