Bob Rutter is a resident of Miami Township just on the outskirts of Loveland.

by Bob Rutter

Over 150 men, women and children rallied on Friday February 25 at Home of the Brave Park in Symmes Township in support of a free Ukraine to protest the on-going armed seizure of that democratic nation by Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s armed forces. 

The majority were American citizens from Ukraine, Russia and surrounding Eastern European countries. They hoped to draw peaceful attention to the plight of a free people facing the horrors of modern warfare.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motives are attributed to varied goals ranging from a grab for control of petroleum pipelines transiting Ukraine, gaining Russian access to the Black Sea, preventing Ukraine’s entry into NATO and most importantly, stitching together part of the old USSR to create his new vision of Russia. 

It was sad to hear reported in the news that we are  helping foot the bill permitting Putin’s adventurism to the tune of around $10 Billion a year by buying Russian oil, since we are no longer energy independent. 

When the United States is weak as a leader in the world, bad actors fill the void with the aspirations of world dominance. Watching eagerly is China’s Xi Jinping and his hunger for control of Taiwan, the Irian Mullahs’ quest for nuclear weapons and dominance in the Middle East and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s continuing tyrannical dominance over his country’s enslaved population.

The Tri-State connection;  when you kiss your kids goodnight and snuggle into bed, please pray for the free people in Ukraine who are men, women and children like you, except their hopes are only to live another day and experience the same freedoms you enjoy.

This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video was provided by Bob Rutter.

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