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This is a page that will record and archive the cultural history of Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. A collection of historical documents and records from an international movement of women; who in 1940, got on a boat. The last boat before Hitler invaded Holland. They made it to America, ā€œby an eyelashā€ in April of that year and settled on a farm in Loveland.

From Holland. It was wartime. WWII. The women came when they did because if not then, they didnā€™t know if they would ever be able to leave Europe.

They came here looking for a farm with running water, enough buildings to house 50 people and within walking distance of a railroad station. They went two-by-two visiting farms and parishes, so much so that they joked they were becoming real estate agents.

Liturgy was the unifying factor of the Grail community. There was a lot of singing. It became a quiet, peace-filled beautiful space; an agricultural and religious life.

The ā€œYear Schoolā€ was a training program for young women ā€œfocused on an integrated life of work and prayer, study and funā€.

Throughout the decades, the Grailville Retreat Center brought visitors from all parts of the world to spend time in Loveland, Ohio.

At one time a truckload of goats, 400 chickens, milk cows, pigs, and canning and preserving 10,000 quarts of farm product. It was described as a rich life, however one ā€œmaterially simpleā€.Ā  Spiritually and intellectually very rich. Very rich in things from the ground, sky, and God in many forms.

Trina Paulus said Grailville was a ā€œsimplicityā€ that was ideal for her as a young woman.Ā  Art was equal to every other thing that happened at Grailville. Visual arts, music, and writing.Ā  Paulus said she thought that the Dutch brought tremendous respect for the arts when they came to this country and Loveland. ā€œIt was equal to every other thing we did.ā€Ā 

They were not there to hold onto what they were doing. Many of the programs that Grailville started were spun out into the world beyond Loveland, even to the United Nations

89 acres of Grailville could become dedicated green space in perpetuity

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Drees submits application for 209 homes at Grailville


Planning and Zoning Commission to hear from public on re-zoning Grailville

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For Readers to Understand some of the Cultural and Spiritual Signifigance of Grailville, Here are Some Past Stories Published by Loveland Magazine

You should help keep Earth Day celebrations going at Grailville thisā€¦

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6.95 mill March school levy translates into approximately $20/month ($243 annually)ā€¦

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Join Lovelandā€™s Community Supported Agriculture

2016 Registration is now open for Earth-Shares: Community-Supported Agriculture!

Loveland High School faculty and staff day of service

The Trina Paulus Abraham and Isaac statue is a poignant and significant piece of art. It is wretched, distressing, tragic ā€“ and beautiful. It has been stored temporarily for several years just outside of Loveland. Loveland Magazine Reporter Alana Johnson went with Paulus to an unlit garage at the Grailville Conference and Retreat Center Wednesday morning to see it for the first time. Paulus hadnā€™t seen her statue for several years.

Johnson, kicking aside weeds at the door, struggling to operate the key, brushing away cobwebs, and in the darkness, her eyes needed a few seconds to dilateā€¦ ā€œAah. Oh. Ooh,ā€ each second, as more is revealed. ā€œThatā€™s incredible. Itā€™s incredible.ā€

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ ā€œA Feast for the Body, Heart and Mindā€ atĀ Grailville

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“Ā GrailvilleĀ has announced the revival of its Sunday Supper tradition, beginning Sunday afternoon, October 28, with ā€œA Feast for the Body, Heart and Mind.ā€ Octoberā€™s Sunday Supper will be preceded by a book party and artā€¦

Midsummer Nightsā€™ Practice of Poetry Retreat atĀ Grailville

ā€œGive yourself and your poetry the gift of time and attention,ā€ said Pauletta Hansel. Women are invited toĀ GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center for a Midsummer Nightsā€™ Practice of Poetry Retreat held Friday, June 19- Sunday, June 21. Thā€¦


LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ Freshly harvested produce grown in the certified organic gardens atĀ GrailvilleĀ can now be purchased by the public. All of the produce is grown atĀ GrailvilleĀ by Earth-Shares CSA and is organically certified. Freshly harvā€¦

Permaculture Design Weekend atĀ Grailville

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ Permaculture is a philosophy and method of designing systems for sustainable living. It is applicable to farms, gardens, organizations, homes, housing developments, towns and city neighborhoods. Permaculture teaches peopā€¦

GrailvilleĀ is 65

What:Ā Ā Grailvilleā€™s 65th Birthday Celebration with MUSE Concert, Quilt Show, and Sunday Supper.When: Sunday, February 22. Benefit concert beginning at 3PM, followed by a reception at 4PM, and supper at 5:30PM.Cost: The suggested donatā€¦

LOVELAND, OHIO NEWS ā€“ Holistic Health Fair atĀ Grailville

Convergence: a day of peace and beauty Saturday, April 5 10-4 All ages welcomeĀ GrailvilleRetreat Center (683-2340) 932 Oā€™Bannonville Rd Loveland, Ohio 45140 Contact Debbie Lewis Westheimer, 348-4276 or e-mail. Donations accepted-ā€¦

GrailvilleĀ International CrĆØche Exhibit and Luncheons

What: A holiday luncheon followed by a short presentation on the history of the nativity.When: December 9 -12, December 15 -17, Noon-2:30 PMCost: $15.00 per person for the meal, children 10 and under $10.00. Reservations required.Conā€¦

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ International CrĆØche Exhibit

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“Ā GrailvilleĀ has announced its 2007 International CrĆØche Exhibit and Luncheon Series.Ā GrailvilleĀ is a retreat and program center located on 300 acres of woodlands, pastures and organic gardens near Loveland, Ohio. Each yeā€¦

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ Permaculture Workshop: A surefire cure for cabin fever!Ā 

Homegrown Permaculture: Simple sustainable systems in your own home or yard LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ The Permaculture Workshop atĀ GrailvilleĀ on January 19 is designed to provide: Answers to design questions by trained local Permaculturists. Lā€¦

Earthshares CSA grows atĀ Grailville


By Heidi Bright ParalesLOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ Fifty-six share members of aĀ Grailville-based cooperative program received 22,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce during this yearā€™s growing season.The Earth-Shares community-supported agricultuā€¦

LOVELAND, OHIO NEWS ā€“ Workshop rescheduled/Holy Week scheduled

GrailvilleĀ news LOVELAND, OHIO NEWS ā€“ The workshop with the Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth on Compassionate Communication, postponed due to snow, has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 29, 2008, 10 AM-5 PM. A limited number ā€¦

All Saints & All Souls Potluck & Celebration atĀ Grailville

GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center will celebrate All Saints Day and the 91st birthday of The Grail with an All Saints & All Souls Potluck & Celebration on Friday, November 2 at 6 PM. They will begin with a potluck Supper in theā€¦

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LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ Zen Retreat program features Zen Master AMA Samy

LOVELAND, OHIO ā€“ A Zen Retreat program atĀ GrailvilleĀ in September features Zen Master AMA Samy. Zen Master AMA Samy was born in Burma to Christian parents and educated in a Buddhist environment. In 1972 he was ordained a Catholic prieā€¦

A Reading by Appalachian Poets

GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center invites you to attend A Reading by Appalachian Poets George Ella Lyon and Frank X Walker on Sunday, May 16, at 2 PM. This event is part ofĀ Grailvilleā€™s new Third Sunday Poetry Series, offering monthlā€¦

GrailvilleĀ Poets Reading and Workshop

Part ofĀ Grailvilleā€™s new Third Sunday Poetry SeriesĀ GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center just outside of Loveland invites you to attend Greenville Poets Reading and Workshop on Sunday, October 17, 2010, at 2:00 pm. This award-winninā€¦

WalkĀ Grailvilleā€™s Labyrinth in the Company of Others

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,Men and women are invited to spend a morning atĀ GrailvilleRetreat and Program Center in Loveland Ohio on Saturday, June 5 from 10:00 am- 1:00 pm for a Labyrinth Workshop, exploring Labyrinth walking as a sā€¦

Zen Retreat atĀ Grailville

This Zen mediation retreat led by Zen Master Ama Samy, S.J., has been an annualĀ Grailvilleevent for more than a decade, with both new and experienced meditators traveling from throughout the country to experience an extraordinary teacheā€¦

GrailvilleĀ Family- Friendly Breadmaking Workshop

Does cabin fever have your family climbing the walls? You can put that energy to good use atĀ GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Centerā€™s Breadmaking for the Family on Sunday, January 16, from 1:30- 4:30 pm. Adults with children aged six throā€¦

Holy Week & Easter Celebration atĀ Grailville

Come and celebrate Easter in an uniquelyĀ GrailvilleĀ way!Ā Grailvilleā€™s observance of Easter begins on Holy Thursday and continues till Easter Sunday. Rich in song, ritual and prayer that have long been central toĀ Grailvilleā€™s communityā€¦

ā€œCincinnati Writesā€

A Reading By Cincinnati Writers ProjectĀ GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center near Loveland invites you to attend Cincinnati Writes: A Reading By Cincinnati Writers Project and Greater Cincinnati Writers League Poets on Sunday, Septembā€¦

The Coming of the Light Advent Celebration

You can join theĀ GrailvilleĀ community as they mark the season of Advent with Song, viewing their CrĆØche exhibit, readings, visiting, and enjoying something hot to drink. In this darkest season of the year we celebrate the season of ā€¦

Writing for the Love of It

AĀ GrailvilleĀ Weekly Workshop For Girls Who Love to Write TheĀ GrailvilleĀ Retreat and Program Center invites teen girls to join a weekly workshop. Beth Murphy said, ā€œThat encourages their passion for writing and inspires and challenges thā€¦

LocalFest celebrates Loveland this Saturday

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/14052215/25ef0676-f536-489d-ba44-4a65ff39c0c7.png

A day spent recognizing the green grass in our backyards This is a Loveland Magazine file photo from last yearā€™s LocalFest at the 315 acreĀ GrailvilleĀ retreat. Those intimately familiar withĀ GrailvilleĀ already know they wilā€¦

GrailvilleĀ featured a local fest of arts


Local Fest was held atĀ GrailvilleĀ on May 25 featuring the artwork of local artisans and their wares; bites and light fare from local food vendors; and music by local musicians.